farthest basketball throw split image during throw and celebration shot

Joshua Walker, a basketball coach from Louisiana, USA  has achieved not one, but FIVE new records, including an epic throw that has broken the record for the longest basketball shot (male).

Joshua set his first Guinness World Records title earlier this year, on 22 January 2022. He achieved the farthest basketball shot made while sitting on the court with a distance of 19.58 metres (64 ft 3 in). He took this record from Harlem Globetrotters' Corey "Thunder" Law, who managed a distance of 17.91 m (58 ft 9.1 in). 

Far from being satisfied with his one world record, Joshua embarked on a mission to break five more basketball records, showing off the skills he has been honing since he was five years old. 

During just one day in July 2022, Joshua successfully achieved all five records. 

Longest basketball shot (male)

First up was the biggie: the longest basketball shot (male). This record stood at 34.29 m (112 ft 6 in), achieved by Elan Buller (USA) in 2014.

"I just had to give it everything I had and luckily it went in," said Joshua. 

His perseverance paid off, and after a fair few attempts, the ball sailed through the net from a record-breaking distance of 34.6 metres (113 ft 6 in).

"I've never been more excited in my life, I literally don’t know how to react!" he said after successfully completing the trick shot. 

However, the various tries did leave him with quite an achy arm, with him joking that it "might fall off".

The farthest behind-the-back basketball shot in action

Farthest behind-the-back basketball shot

Next on Joshua’s list was the farthest behind-the-back basketball shot. Out of all the records he attempted, this was the most difficult one to control. As such, he relied on the sheer quantity of attempts, hoping for a fluke. 

"I just wanted to get it close to the goal as many times as I could, and eventually one would go in."

Just like the record he set back in January, this title was taken from a Harlem Globetrotter – in this case, Rock "Wham" Middleton – with a new distance of 14.63 metres (48 ft).

"Try, try, try!" – Joshua Walker

Farthest basketball hook shot

The third record was the one that Joshua felt most confident in attempting.

"I just threw a couple up with the approach to just get close and hopefully one will drop," he said.

As his last attempt flew towards the net he confidently exclaimed "that’s in" – and he was right! At a distance of 24.38 metres (80 ft), he achieved a new record for the farthest basketball hook shot

This record was yet another one Joshua has taken from Rock "Wham" Middleton. 

Joshua lining up for the farthest basketball bounce shot

Farthest basketball bounce shot

Next up was a tricky record attempt that left Joshua frustrated after many failed attempts. 

"That one drove me crazy, it was actually making me mad," said Joshua. 

In order to get the location of the bounce right, Joshua had a friend stand in the spot where he wanted the ball to hit the ground, and he aimed there each time. 

He finally achieved the record with a distance of 28.95 metres (95 ft), beating the record previously held by – you guessed it – a member of the Harlem Globetrotters. Again, Corey "Thunder" Law lost a record to Joshua. 

Joshua celebrating the farthest basketball shot made backwards going in

Farthest basketball shot made backwards

Described as the most "physically taxing" trick shot, this was the last record for Joshua to attempt.

"It’s a lot of strength to get the ball that far," he said. 

In order to get the right angle and direction on the ball, Joshua had his mom up in the stands behind him, lining it up.

"I just threw the ball where she was pointing."

Achieving a distance of 25.61 metres (84 ft), Joshua snatched yet another record from Corey "Thunder" Law! 

Joshua with his GWR certificate for the farthest basketball shot made while sitting on the court

Noting how many of his records were previously held by the Harlem Globetrotters or trick shot pros Dude Perfect, Joshua ended his attempts with a challenge to them.

"Dude Perfect, Harlem Globetrotters – if you guys are watching, I’m down to do a trick shot competition, anything you got OK?"

Joshua started playing basketball when he was just five years old and has loved it ever since.

"I played throughout my youth and then from eight grade to my senior year in high school."

"Then I was fortunate enough to go to LSUS [Louisiana State University in Shreveport] and played there all four years."

Joshua playing basketball for LSUS

It was at college that Joshua really developed his trick shot skills. 

"Me and my coach would get out there after some of our practices and just joke around, throwing some crazy trick shots."

Now a basketball coach himself, Joshua is imparting his knowledge onto the next generation.

Joshua has not only broken multiple basketball world records, but also made himself proud, remarking on how amazed his younger self would be with what he has accomplished. 

"My eight-year-old self would be ecstatic to see that I’m here doing this."

With an unparalleled skill for basketball trick shots, we're eager to see what record is next on Joshua's list.