Harlem globetrotters celebrating and rock wham middleton dribbling

The Harlem Globetrotters have attempted 22 world records in only two days, including the farthest basketball bounce shot, the most blindfolded basketball slam dunks in one minute, and the farthest behind-the-back basketball alley-oop slam dunk.

The inspiration for this record challenge and the Harlem Globetrotters 2022 "Spread Game" tour was to honour the late and great Globetrotter’s legend Frederick "Curly" Neal. Curly passed away in March 2020, just days after the team completed its most recent US Tour.

The basketball legend played 22 seasons wearing the number #22, so it was clear to the Harlem Globetrotters that kicking off 2022 with a fitting 22 tribute was the perfect way to commemorate his legacy.

"When you think of the Harlem globetrotters, the first name that comes to mind is Curly Neal. He is one of the legends, he is one of my favorites of all time." - Corey "Thunder" Law

Following two exhausting days of record attempts, the Harlem Globetrotters successfully achieved 18 out of the 22 records attempted, verified by official adjudicators Chrissy Fernandez and Andy Glass.

One particularly special moment took place when Pawel "Dazzle" Kidon (Poland), the first Polish Harlem Globetrotter and only foreign player on the team, broke the record for the most consecutive catches of a spinning basketball with 26. 

harlem globetrotters congratulating Pawel Dazzle Kidon holding his certificate

Raucous cheering erupted from his teammates. Emotions running high, Dazzle beamed as he called his family in Poland to share the news.

While every record attempt was suspenseful, there was one that had everyone on the very edge of their seats. 

Unsuccessfully attempting to achieve this record for the last couple of years, Rock "Wham" Middleton (USA) decided to go for most basketball bounces in one minute once again. 

Rock Wham Middleton most basketball bounces in one minute

After a careful slow-motion review from adjudicator Chrissy Fernandez, it was confirmed that Wham’s 762 bounces broke the long-sought-after record.

"No matter what you want to do you have to put in the hours, the minutes the seconds. And never give up on your dreams. It is not what you do in front of people, it is what you do when no one is looking" - Rock "Wham" Middleton

Donte Hammer Harrison holding guinness world certificate

The moment before Donte "Hammer" Harrison (USA) sunk the farthest basketball off-the-wall bounce shot (34 ft 3.7 in) you could have heard a pin drop. But as soon as it was clear that the ball had perfectly ricocheted off the wall into the net, the silence broke into an eruption of cheers echoing across LakePoint Champions Center.

"I remember being a kid and always opening up the Guinness World Records books and [I] thought, that was something, that was like unattainable, but to be here with the Globetrotters and break a couple of records myself, it is an honor to be inside that book!" - Donte "Hammer" Harrison

We’re sure Curly would be extremely proud of his peers’ achievements.

Harlem globetrotters with adjudicators and certificate

All the records added to the Harlem Globetrotters’ roster:

  • Farthest basketball bounce shot - 28.56 m (93 ft 8.5 in), achieved by Corey "Thunder" Law (USA).
  • Most basketball underhanded half-court shots in one minute - 7, achieved by Rock "Wham" Middleton (USA).
  • Farthest basketball hook shot - 22.80 m (74 ft 9.74 in), achieved by Rock "Wham" Middleton (USA).
  • Farthest basketball off-the-wall bounce shot - 10.46 m (34 ft 3.7 in), achieved by Donte "Hammer" Harrison (USA).
  • Farthest behind-the-back basketball alley-oop slam dunk - 15.60 m (51 ft 2.05 in), achieved by Rock "Wham" Middleton and Chandler "Bulldog" Mack (both USA).
  • Most basketball alley-oop slam dunks in one minute - 13, achieved by Donte "Hammer" Harrison and Corey "Thunder" Law (both USA).
  • Most consecutive basketball alley-oop slam dunks - 24, achieved by Julian "Zeus" McClurkin and Lucius "Too Tall" Winston (both USA).
  • Most consecutive catches of a spinning basketball - 26, achieved by Pawel "Dazzle" Kidon (Poland).
  • Farthest under the legs basketball shot - 19.43 m (63 ft 9.13 in), achieved by Corey "Thunder" Law (USA).
  • Farthest windmill basketball shot - 14.10 m (46 ft 3 in), achieved by Donte "Hammer" Harrison (USA).
  • Most basketball layups in one minute - 22, achieved by Lucius "Too Tall" Winston (USA).
  • Most blindfolded basketball slam dunks in one minute - 9, achieved by Julian "Zeus" McClurkin (USA).
  • Farthest basketball alley-oop slam dunk - 30.42 m (99 ft 9.6 in), achieved by Corey "Thunder" Law and Donte "Hammer" Harrison (both USA).
  • Fastest time between baselines dribbling a basketball - 3.529 sec, achieved by Rock "Wham" Middleton (USA).
  • Most basketball bounces between the legs in one minute - 360, achieved by Rock "Wham" Middelton (USA).
  • Most basketball bounces in one minute - 762, achieved by Rock "Wham" Middleton (USA).
  • Most behind-the-back basketball three pointers in one minute - 4, achieved by Julian "Zeus" McClurkin (USA).
  • Most basketball three pointers made by a pair in one minute -  The existing record of 23, achieved by Justin Dargahi and Teddy Dupay (both USA) in Tampa, Florida, USA on 22 March 2017, was equalled by Rock "Wham" Middleton and Lucius "Too Tall" Winston (both USA).