Savvy and wife comparing shoes and drag queen mamma dukes showing off red boots

It can be hard to find the right pair of shoes – but when you’re a person with size 16 feet and the shoes you’re looking for are fabulous heels, it can be almost impossible. 

"It is so extremely difficult to find shoes that fit me, let alone cute shoes that fit me," said record breaker Savanna Trapp-Blanchfield (USA). 

Savanna, known as Savvy, is part of the world’s tallest family and measures in at 203.6 cm (6 ft 8 in) tall, roughly a foot taller than the average US male. 

As well as her record-breaking height, Savvy has size 16 (EU 51) feet and larger than average hands. 

For example, the shoes belonging Danielle, Savvy’s wife, balance nicely in Savvy’s hand. However Savvy’s shoes are the length of Danielle’s entire forearm. 

Savvy Trapp comparing her shoe to her wifes shoe

With feet that size, it’s incredibly difficult for Savvy to find shoes that fit in regular stores and stockists. 

That’s why Savvy almost exclusively shops at online stores for drag queens, as they accommodate her shoe size while also giving lots of different style options and heel heights. 

"God bless the drag queens, as I say over and over again, because without them, I wouldn’t have cute high heels."

Thanks to these sites, Savvy has a range of high heels from cork wedges to extremely high, metallic  platform heels. 

In her tallest heels, Savvy stands at around 7 ft 8 ½ inches – a whole two feet taller than Danielle!

"She’s never had to change a lightbulb," Savvy joked about her wife. 

But these heels are firmly reserved for standing, not walking.

Savvy Trapp and her wife holdings ilver 12 inch heels.

Growing up as a tall girl meant that Savvy was constantly told to avoid heels.  

"I decided I was going to become excellent at wearing heels to spite the world."

"Everyone told me, 'you're so tall, you don't need to wear heels' and I was like 'I'll be damned if anyone’s going to tell me what I can and cannot wear.'"

As well as sharing online stores with drag queens, Savvy loves the art of drag and likes to support local performers. 

"I love going to drag shows at The Flame."

The Flame, a LGBTQ+ bar, is where she sees local drag queen Mamma Dukes – who once gifted her a pair of thigh-high red boots (with a heel of course) to match her own.

Mamma Dukes handing Savvy a pair of red boots

"I consider my style classy and sassy," said Mamma Dukes.

"I’m a very loud and bodacious person, so anything that’s colourful – black isn’t in my wardrobe at all."

But fashion is just a small part of what drag brings to Mamma Dukes’ life.

"Performing has been life changing for me. I’ve struggled a lot during my life trying to figure out who I was, and I’m so happy to be someone who other people can look up to, to see that things do get better and they will get better." - Mamma Dukes

"The good Ru Paul once said 'Your drag persona is inside you, no matter if you’re in drag or not, you just have to find it.'"

"Drag queens give confidence to all of us, to show us that we can do that too. We can be who we want to be," added Savvy.

Mamma Dukes standing in between Savvy and her wife

For those wondering, Mamma Dukes also has some tips on how to be a good ally to the LGBTQ+ and drag community. 

"Go see your local drag shows, go to your local gay bars and honestly, just talk to us. Ask us questions - some people are not afraid to give you the answers you’re seeking."

"I always say, you’re only as pretty as you treat people. So, if you treat people very well, you’re going to be absolutely stunning. The glow comes from within and shines outward."

For Savvy, that glow comes from embracing and celebrating your uniqueness - like wearing heels even if you're 6 ft 8 in tall. 

"Don’t be afraid to stand tall and be your own true self because if everyone is trying to be the same and conform and fit in, where’s the fun in that?"