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In November 1993, Michael Nilsen (USA) celebrated his 10th birthday. His uncle bought him a toy – the iconic Megazord from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Season 1) – and so Michael’s collection began.

Since then, it has morphed into the largest collection of Power Rangers memorabilia in the world, consisting of 9,364 items.

Michael’s mighty merchandise collection includes action figures, weapons, books, DVDs and more, spanning 28 seasons of the show and all three films.

"Whatever you can think of, I probably have it." – Michael Nilsen

Michael Nilsen smiling among his collection

Power Rangers is a live-action superhero television series in which ordinary teenagers transform into powerful beings in order to save the world from evil.

Like most nine-year-old children who watched the first season when it aired in 1993, Michael was immediately hooked.

"It was the coolest show I had ever seen," he said.

Although Michael has action figures of all the Power Rangers, his favourite items are the Zords and Megazords. In the TV show, Zords are giant mechanical robots which belong to the Rangers and can combine to form a Megazord.

"They were awesome, they were powerful, they just took out the aliens."

Michael's favourite Zord, the Dragonzord

Michael’s favourite Zord in his collection is the the Green Ranger’s Dragonzord from the original series. His second-favourite is the Red Dragon Thunderzord, due to its uniquely creative design.

One of the most expensive pieces in Michael’s collection is a special edition Soul of Chogokin Megazord in black and green, which can cost upwards of $400.

Supertrain Megazord

Other notable items include the Supertrain Megazord from Power Rangers: Light Speed Rescue (Season 8), which is comprised of five train Zords and described by Michael as, "one of the largest combining Megazords out there."

He also owns the complete range of ‘World’s Smallest’ Power Rangers action figures, which, as the name suggests, are some of the smallest items in the entire collection.

Michael's first Megazord

Despite now possessing the world’s largest Power Rangers collection, 10-year-old Michael was "significantly disappointed" with his first item and didn’t plan on getting a second.

"It didn’t combine or transform as I hoped and it was the smaller version with shooting fists. I was so disappointed, I didn’t even ask for Power Rangers items for Christmas."

However, five months later, Michael’s parents showed him a deluxe Megazord which they planned to buy as a birthday gift for his younger brother.

"It combined and transformed, just like in the show. It was incredible. I didn’t think they made such a thing," Michael recalled.

"That inspired me to see what other cool Power Rangers toys were out there."

Michael Nilsen holding Power Rangers morpher

Michael hopes his record-breaking collection will inspire others to "pick up a favourite hobby and do it well."

"Like anything you want to do, as long as you do it well and to the best of your abilities, you can accomplish anything." – Michael Nilsen

Michael’s collection was counted before the release of Power Rangers: Dino Fury (Season 29) on Netflix earlier this year. With many new toys scheduled to hit the shelves in 2022, we’re sure Michael’s mega azordment of memorabilia will only continue to grow!

Michael Nilsens power rangers collection