Anthony Robles pull up record split screen

Watch the attempt:

Anthony Robles (USA) is a truly inspiring athlete. From birth, he has had to navigate the world missing his right leg. 

At age 14, Robles decided he wanted to join his high school wrestling team, and has to figure out a way to best his opponents with one less limb. Despite losing his first ever tournament, Robles was determined to better his skills and prove that he was just as good as any other wrestler. 

His dedication paid off, and he not only went on to wrestle in college, but he also won several collegiate championships.

"I’ve learned that you can never let your circumstances define who you are or what you’re capable of."

Years later, he decided to set himself a new challenge - breaking a Guinness World Records title.

In March 2020, he achieved the most pull ups in one minute with a 80 lb pack with 23 while wowing the crowd at the FanShield 500 NASCAR race in Arizona. 

He also broke the record for the most pull ups in one minute with a 60 lb pack in 2012 with 30, but that record has since been broken. 

Now, Robles has set his sites on an even more punishing record - the most pull ups in 24 hours (male). Watch the video above to see how he's getting on!

Robles needs to complete at least 7,716 pull ups to break the record currently held by Brandon Tucker (USA).

Latest updates:

9:00 am PT - Anthony has started off strong, averaging 12 pull ups per minute.

4:00 pm PT - During the attempt Anthony has the support of his friends, family and people from around the world tuning in to view the attempt live. Amanda Marcus, Senior PR Manager at Guinness World Records, interviews his fans who remark on Anthony's physical and mental strength.

5:10 pm PT - After his 2,654th pull up, Anthony's coach encourages him by saying "That was a great set!"

5:20 pm PT - Anthony has gone on break, having completed a total of 2,690 pull ups so far.

6:10 pm PT - Anthony is experiencing pain in his left arm after completing 2,721 pull ups. His coach has placed an ice pack to the affected area and is evaluating the injury with the medical team. 

7:10 pm PT - Anthony has made the decision to end the attempt after sustaining an injury to his left bicep.

"Anthony has proven time and time again that he is the best in the world, with the records he has already broken. He is an inspiration and today has been no exception," said Amanda Marcus, Senior PR manager at Guinness World Records. 

To see him in action has been an absolute honor. It's important to understand your body and put your health first, and that's what he's doing. We look forward to seeing him come back even stronger and fresher for record attempts in the future."

"One of my favourite quotes, from Bruce Lee, says 'don't feel failure, because in glorious attempts it's glorious even to fail'," shared Anthony.

Today... it's been amazing. I just want to thank everyone here for your support. I just want you all to know that I was training hard for this. Over two years." 

"Coming out of my break everything was good, I was just padding the buffer I already had. I think it was my fourth set in, I just felt something pop in my left bicep. We got it checked out and we could feel some kind of separation there."

Anthony and his team made the decision to stop the record attempt, to ensure the painful injury wasn't exacerbated. 

Despite this devastating blow, Anthony handled the unexpected outcome grace, citing his experience as a high school wresting coach.

"It's frustrating, but, one of the things I tell my kids is 'as long as you give it your best, you can be proud of the result no matter what it is' and I just want you all to know, I gave my best today."