Record holder Martin Komarek has tragically passed away following a workplace accident. 

From the Czech Republic, 45-year-old Komarek was an outstanding timbersports athlete who collected several accolades and medals during his career.

Komarek was a three-time Silver Medalist at the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS®️ Individual World Championship and won the Bronze Medal at the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Champions Trophy in 2017.

Martin Komarek holding certificate and smiling

Furthermore, he renewed his supremacy as the Czech national champion six times. 

In 2016, he also placed 4th at the Team World Championship.

His most recent achievement was breaking the Guinness World Records title for the fastest double ascent springboard chop in February 2022, in a record-breaking time of 1 minute and 57 seconds. 

The achievement was announced nationwide on the fourth episode of the Italian TV show Lo Show dei Record, which aired Sunday 27 March 2022, and officially welcomed Komarek into the record books.

To break the record, Komarek went head to head with fellow lumberjacks Andrea Rossi (Italy) and Pierre Puybaret (France), in an adrenaline-packed challenge that left the audience, the host Gerry Scotti and the adjudicators holding their breath.

A 'springboard chop' involves cutting into a log or tree to create a space large enough to wedge a springboard, which can then be stood upon to allow the lumberjack to reach greater heights.

The challenge between the three athletes saw Komarek come out on top, beating Rossi and Puybaret's time by almost a full minute. 

Martin Komarek holding certificate looking down

An outstanding athlete and pioneer of timbersports worldwide, Komarek is remembered fondly by his friends, family and fellow sportsmen. 

He was involved in introducing young athletes to timbersports and trained relentlessly to be an ambassador for the sport on the international scene.

During his time on Lo Show Dei Record, it was clear to the entire Guinness World Records team how humble he was and how well respected he was in his field.

Martin Komarek smiling holding certificate

"I was privileged to meet Martin for a brief time backstage at Lo Show Dei Record," says Karen Gilchrist, VP for TV and Digital at Guinness World Records. 

"He was clearly highly regarded by the fellow lumberjacks that he beat to secure the record. It was a pleasure to see him in action, but also to witness his modesty about his skills. The audience quickly warmed to him too, and we send our condolences to his family and friends." - Karen Gilchrist