Competitive eater Leah Shutkever (UK) has done it again.

The record-breaker from West Midlands has snatched the record for most chicken nuggets eaten in one minute.

One of Guinness World Records' most coveted and hotly contested titles, the chicken nuggets record has been beaten at the Mediaset Studios, Milan, in the backstage of the Guinness World Records Italian TV show "Lo Show Dei Record".

Leah, who already has several Guinness World Records titles under her belt, ate 352 g (12.42 oz and the equivalent of a share box of 19 nuggets) of the McDonald’s snack in sixty seconds. 

Leah holding a chicken nuggets bowl

Previously, the record was held by model and competitive eater Nela Zisser. 

In November 2020, Nela had consumed the jaw-dropping amount of 298 grams (10.51 oz) of chicken nuggets in Auckland, New Zealand. 

But Leah was set on snatching the title. 

While filming the 2022 edition of Guinness World Records' Italian TV show, Leah attempted to ate through a bowl of 20 nuggets. 

Although she "only" managed to eat 19, leaving the record holder disappointed about her performance, she still surpassed Nela’s previous result by 54 grams.

 Leah eating a chicken nugget

In recent years, Leah has racked up a series of speed-eating records thanks to her skills. Some of her current titles include:

  • Fastest time to eat three mince pies (52.21 seconds in 2019)
  • Fastest time to eat three pickled eggs (7.80 seconds in 2019)
  • Fastest time to eat a muffin (no hands) (21.95 seconds in 2019)
  • Most marshmallows eaten in one minute (no hands) (20 marshmallows in 2020).
  • Most tomatoes eaten in one minute (8 in 2020)

However, this is not the first time Leah tried her speed-eating technique on a bowl of nuggets! 

Since 2020, Leah is the proud holder of another chicken-nuggets related record: most chicken nuggets eaten in three minutes.

The competitive eater smashed the record by eating 775.1 grams of nuggets – beating the 746 grams (26.31 oz) previously achieved by Thomas Welborn (UK) in 2017.

Leah looking at a chicken nugget

Leah took on competitive eating when she was 23, after her brother challenged her while they were dining at a local restaurant.

After that, she developed a true hunger for shattering goals. 

Leah set herself some ambitious targets and, after starting her competitive eating training in 2013, she started breaking records in 2019.

Since that day, the now serial record breaker has continuously lifted the bar for speed eaters around the world.

In 2021, Leah also achieved her dream of being featured in the Guinness World Records book.

Leah biting a nugget looking at camera

Thanks to her training, passion and determination, she has become one of the most prominent competitive eaters in the UK and Europe, soaring to fame in a predominantly male-dominated field. 

During her career, Leah has also become a YouTube star and has snatched some records from none other than LA Beast (Kevin Strahle, US), the serial competitive eater who first inspired her to aim for a spot in the Guinness World Records book.

"When you set goals and achieve them, your confidence grows and I think that was just a massive turning point in my life." - Leah Shutkever 

As she continuously proves, Leah is on a roll and we can't wait to see which food challenge she will take on next.

In the meantime... would you be able to attempt this record?