From vintage brands to remakes of classic movies, the '80s and '90s are making a big comeback. 

The same goes for this record-breaking arcade machine, on which people can play the ultimate retro game: Tetris. 

This super-sized version of the classic puzzle arcade game stands at almost 5 meters tall!

With their creation, MadLab (Spain) has broke record for the largest arcade machine while creating a whole new, up-scaled gaming experience. 

MadLab smiling with certificate

The record was broken in December 2021 in Zaragoza, Spain, and earned the unique arcade machine a coveted spot in the Guinness World Records 2023 book.

The retro game station stands at a towering 4.90 metres (16 ft 1.15 in) tall and is 1.98 m (6 ft 5.99 in) wide. It measures a depth of 1.11 m (3 ft 7.82 in).

In comparison, the average arcade machine measures between 1.70 and 2 meters in height. 

MadLab's record-breaking machine stands at over twice the height of a classic arcade unit and is taller than a male adult African elephant - which usually stand at around 3.20 meters (10 ft 50 in). 

It's even slightly taller than the average female giraffe, as these animals normally reach an average 4.30 meters (14 ft 10 in) of height.

Although the assembly for the arcade machine was done on location and no parts needed to be moved, the size of the game still posed a serious challenge for MadLab's team.

Child playing Tetris on giant screen

"We love video games, we like going BIG and we enjoy breaking the limits," MadLab reported when asked why they aimed for a world record.

"We love that the public can enjoy everything we do. Our goal is to be the reference in the world of experience, leisure and entertainment."

"And we would love for all those, both arcade machine fans and not, to be able to enjoy this great achievement with us!"

The creation of the supersized retro game was a collaboration with MYLideas. Today, the arcade machine is located in the MadLab centre situated at the Spanish La Torre Outlet shopping centre. 

As a single-player experience, one person at a time can claim a giant coin from MadLab’s reception and climb the stairs to test their Tetris skills. 

Each coin costs five euros and allows one life; the rest is up to the player!

arcade machine with stairs

Since a normal Tetris videogame code would not work on this oversized machine, a special version of the software has been developed to fit within the larger screen size of MadLab’s creation.

However, despite the different structure and unusual size of the game, the rules of Tetris don’t change. 

The beloved puzzle video game, first created by Alexey Pajitnov in 1984, remains the same, with its colours and unmistakable sounds. 

Pieces of different shapes descend onto a huge screen and the player can control their directions thanks to special buttons. 

A classic arcade experience straight out of the '80s, then, if one doesn’t count the stairs necessary to reach the screen and the humongous machine!

"It’s a new madness come true."

Buttons to play tetris

But who are the minds behind this gigantic arcade machine, and who first thought of it? 

MadLab Zaragoza defines itself as a company ready to disrupt the concept of entertainment, with out-of-the-ordinary gaming experiences and immersive adventures. 

Their Zaragoza venue opened in 2020 with the intention of revolutionizing the gaming world with in-depth immersive services, VR games and escape rooms.

Due to the pandemic, MadLab could only managed to complete the giant arcade machine in late December 2021.

MadLab representative accepts certificate

The Spanish arcade machine broke the record that had been previously achieved by Jason Camberis in Illinois, USA, in March 2015.

It took the self-confessed game enthusiast almost two years to build the supersized machine, but his incredible result remained unbeaten until 2021.

Camberis’ arcade machine stands at a 4.41 m tall and has equally impressive measurements: it is, in fact, 1.93 m wide and 1.06 metres deep. 

Through the playable buttons and the blue glass sphere, gamers can enjoy over 200 unmissable arcade games. 

That includes classics such as Pac-Man, Dragon Spirit and Pac-Man. 

However, if we talk about supersized retro experiences, we can’t forget to mention the largest PAC-Man arcade machine

The machine was launched by Bandai Namco and Raw Thrills in 2016 and bears the tale-telling name World's Largest PAC-Man.  

Its giant billboard screen stands at a whopping 2.67 metres tall and 1.71 metres in width, for a total surface area of 4.5657 square metres.

Once again, this supersized creation offers gamers a fully-playable experience and adapts the original 1980 PAC-Man arcade game to a huge, modern screen. 

A later update the following year, 2017, upgraded the World's Largest PAC-Man with the possibility to enjoy Galaga, a classic shooter title.