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Nicolás Montes de Oca is a creative stuntman with a unique ability to perform world class handstands!  

Today, he holds the Guinness World Records titles for the longest duration to perform a single arm handstand (male), with a handstand measuring one minute and 11.82 seconds, and the longest duration to perform a handstand on a rotating platform (male), with a handstand measuring 25.78 seconds.  

Nicolas performing handstand

The start of Nicolás Montes de Oca's career

Nicolás, now a professional circus performer, began practising juggling at a very early age after seeing a juggler perform in his hometown, Mexico City. The memory of the juggler became a source of inspiration to become an expert himself. 

Early on, Nicolás was self-taught, but later entered a circus school, where he polished his skills and ultimately decided to dedicate his life to the activity. His interest in learning to become one of the best in the world led him to travel to China and Ukraine, countries that stand out for their high level of circus training.     

He began to perform handstands one day when he broke his foot  in circus school and could no longer juggle. After rehearsing daily and loving it, he decided to give up juggling and focus entirely on handstands. 

Nicolás has been inspired by several coaches, one of them being Liu Laoshi from China, a hand balancing coach who is very well recognized worldwide. 

Black and White photo of Nicolas Montes practising a handstand

After training and refining his craft in China with coach Liu Laoshi, Nicolas travelled to Kiev, Ukraine to train with the talented Vitold Antonovich Kuvshinov, who is considered one of the best hand balancing coaches in the world.   

This outstanding juggler and handstand specialist trains 2 to 3 hours a day, 7 days a week. He believes that both discipline and talent are necessary to fulfill people's dreams. 

Nicolás stays focused on maintaining strength and balance while training for the specific tricks he uses in his artistic performances.  

 Nicolas Montes performing a handstand one hand

 In 2019, one of his dreams came true when he participated in Cirque de Demain, a world festival, in Paris. He loves the circus life, but also describes it as a "peculiar life." 

Nicolás is always on an adventure and often experiences new things. While he enjoys the adventurous lifestyle, he says, "one of the most peculiar situations is not belonging anywhere."    

His first record title took about five years of training to achieve. The second took ten years because of its complexity.   

"It took me a while to get ready to do the handstand spin, which is something new and not many people in the world do it. To be able to spin that fast... it took a while."

Nicolás was very excited when he learned of his Guinness World Records achievement. He was confident he would be successful, but was still surprised when his titles were confirmed. His family was very happy for him, but they didn't believe him until they saw the official certificates!  

He encourages anyone who is interested in this discipline to try it out, sharing that most importantly you must find a good teacher, find balance and believe in yourself. He advises, "it's important to have good technique and then practice as much as you can!"    

Nicolás has developed a unique and characteristic style of handstands combined with movement and dance.   

Nicolas Montes from mexico performing in circus

 "Achieving two Guinness World Records titles feels amazing. I put so much effort on it. I went to China and Ukraine to study hand standing. It took me a lot of time to learn about it. I’m ready to break more records."

He has worked for different performing arts companies around the world, such as Franco Dragone, Les 7 Doigts De La Main and Cirque du Soleil, demonstrating his great talent and passion for the performing arts. 

Nicolás has also earned a place in the new Guinness World Records 2023 edition, available now! Find out where you can purchase your copy.