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Zahab Khan last cut her hair when she was 13 years old. Untouched by scissors for the next 18 years, it grew to an astonishing 190 cm (6 ft 3 in).

Currently residing in Northern Virginia, USA, Zahab is a professional Pakistani squash player, proudly known as the "Longest Haired Athlete".

However, on 26 August 2021, Zahab sat back down in the hairdresser's chair for the first time in her adult life, after deciding to have her long locks lopped off for a good cause.

As a result, Zahab achieved the record for the most hair donated by an individual - 155cm (5 ft 1 in).

Zahab donated her hair to the charity Children With Hair Loss, who offer free human hair replacements to children with medical-related hair loss.

"I donated my hair to Children with Hair Loss to help kids regain confidence In their appearance."

Zahab smashed the record for most hair clips on the head earlier in the same month, attaching 1,100 to her hair in total. The achievement served as a fitting farewell to her hair, which she was already planning to cut in order to break her second record.

most hair clips on head zahab khan

Before cutting Zahab’s hair, stylist Gregory White separated it into thin ponytails, with the longest one measuring 155 cm (5 ft 1 in).

"I was very nervous before my haircut. I was happy to donate my hair to the kids and that gave me the strength to cut my hair."

Zahab was amazed when she saw her new 'do. The 6-foot-long locks were transformed into an elegant shoulder-length bob.

Gregory White holding Zahabs cut hair

Zahab experienced "phantom hair" in the days following her haircut.

"In the beginning it was unbelievable because I [was] used to carrying long hair, but slowly my habits changed and I feel fine with my short hair as well. It’s a new look for me."

zahab khan in hairdressers chair

As well as being a pro squash player and coach, Zahab is a global advocate for women in sports. She co-founded the Zahab Neha Foundation, which helps underprivileged Pakistani females pursue both sports and their studies.

Zahab is also becoming a social media star. She has amassed 136,000 followers on TikTok, where she shares hair care routines and advice. She credits her grandmother’s oil for helping keep her hair healthy for so long.

Zahab also owes some of the credit to her loved ones for their constant support. 

"I want to thank my family and friends for standing with me and motivating me to grow my hair."

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