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To celebrate the launch of Guinness World Records 2022, the nationally syndicated morning show Live with Kelly and Ryan invited their viewers to discover the world with attempts and record holders featured within the pages of the best-selling annual.

From hundreds of pencils in the beard to pulling heavy buses, conducting science experiments and fun activities in between, the week-long celebration was dubbed "Live’s Record Breaker Week".

Hosts Kelly Ripa, Ryan Seacrest, and their Executive Producer, Michael Gelman, kept both the attempters and viewers on the edge of their seats with gravity-defying stunts and entertaining efforts at making history.

If you missed the live attempts, check out the attempt highlights: 

Heaviest vehicle pulled (upper body)

Record-holder Kevin Fast kicked off the week with an attempt to break his record of pulling a heavy vehicle using his upper body strength to surpass the existing amount of 24,427 pounds (11,080 kilograms).

Kevin and the team selected a New York City Transit all-electric bus, which featured a baseline weight of 28,850 pounds (and could reach 33,440 pounds).

Using all his might, the Coburg, Canada resident, pulled the bus past the required 15 meters on West 67th street in Manhattan as a stunned Kelly Ripa and her husband and guest co-host, Mark Consuelos, watched on.

After learning that he had broken the record from adjudicator Michael Empric, Kevin dropped the rope and quickly got up from the ground to do a celebratory cartwheel. While he has several heavy pull records under his belt, he’s already planning his next attempt!

Most pencils in the beard

Yelm, Washington resident and record-holder Joel Strasser and his majestic beard were on-set to break his existing record for the most pencils in the beard at 450 pencils. He placed them strategically in his beard while engaging with hosts Kelly, Ryan, and adjudicator Michael Empric throughout the show. 

With a face filled with pencils, the father of four enacted the help of his wife, Lila, to hand him the final sets. After reaching 458 pencils with no space for more, Joel lifted his hands, signaling to Michael to start the clock for the required 10-second count for them to stay in place. 

Joel broke the record with 456 pencils in his beard as two fell out during the time count.

Joel shook the pencils out of his beard to commemorate his new record. While he has ideas for other records, he is currently raising funds for a local organization on his Instagram page (@JoelNert). If he reaches the fundraising goal, he will shave off his beard!

Tallest toilet paper tower in 30 seconds (team of two)

Kelly and Ryan competed against each other and executive producer Michael Gelman to build the tallest toilet paper towers in 30 seconds (team of two). Together with their partners, they aimed to beat the 28 roll towers previously built by Silvio Sabba and his record partner, Roberto Costantini, in 2015. 

Kelly Ripa partnered with author, journalist, and friend Anderson Cooper, while Ryan Seacrest worked with actor and performer Dulé Hill. Michael Gelman joined forces with resident show announcer Déjà Vu.

Michael Empric watched as the three pairs created their structures during two separate attempts. Though they were unsuccessful at breaking the record, Anderson and Kelly walked away with the show’s trophy for the tallest tower.

Most effervescent tablet rockets launched simultaneously

Record-breaker, Science Bob conducted a history-making experiment with Kelly and Ryan. Film canisters, effervescent tablets, small spaces, and other materials served as the rockets and the reactors. 

Before the attempt, Bob led a segment to demonstrate the science behind the record attempt to Kelly and Ryan, showing how viewers at home could attempt the same experiment on a smaller scale.

With a minimum of 3,001 rockets, Bob, Kelly, and Ryan flipped three large steel table tops containing the rockets. The tables were built with the help of the WABC-TV props department.

As a result of the table flip, the spacer inside the canisters moved to mix the ingredients so the reaction would start and launch the rockets.

A flurry of 5,025 rockets went off, covering the studio and blasting the record.


Fastest time to duck tape (duct tape) a person to a wall

Kelly Ripa enlisted the help of YouTuber and actress Liza Koshy in an attempt to beat Ashrita Furman and Alec Wilkinson’s record of taping a person to a wall in 26.69 seconds. At the start of the clock, Kelly carefully taped Liza to a plexiglass wall. 

Liza stood in place to ensure the tape stayed but continued to cheer on Kelly. After Kelly completed the duct taping exercise, the stool that held Liza was removed, and the countdown started for her to remain on the wall. 

She stayed in place, well surpassing the one-minute requirement, with the tape remaining intact. With an effective taping, Kelly and Liza did not break the record with their pace of 1 minute and 43 seconds.

Congratulations to all on their incredible feats! We’re excited for the next batch of attempts from Kelly, Ryan, and other talented individuals in the future.

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