break the record youtube guinness world records series

Break the Record is a brand new YouTube Originals show where kids take on incredible challenges in the hopes of claiming a Guinness World Records title.

Each episode, three kids are taken under the wing of a different professional athlete who will mentor them in preparation for their biggest challenge to date - attempting their very own record!

The kids will have to learn special skills in order to succeed; including elevated beam running, lifting swiss balls and sliding as far as possible!

They’ll also come face-to-face with their fears when attempting to break records at dizzying heights.

The first two episodes aired on July 22nd, and you can watch them on our YouTube channel - or via the YouTube Kids app. Alternatively, watch them right here!

The first episode features Ryan Luney - a parkour athlete, firebreather and five time Guinness World Records title holder. He’ll be perfecting the kids’ parkour skills in the hope that they can break the record for the fastest ascent and descent of an elevated beam.

The second episode sees none other than Olympic gold medalist Greg Rutherford helping the kids achieve the furthest distance travelled on a plastic water slide from a single push.

The third and fourth episodes aired on July 29th. Again, you'll be able to catch them on the Guinness World Records YouTube channel, YouTube Kids app, or watch them right here!

They feature tennis pro Laura Robson, who will be taking the kids’ skills to new heights as they attempt to break a record whilst standing ten metres in the air.

Andrea Thompson, four-time winner of Britain’s Strongest Woman, will be putting the kids’ strength to the test in the final episode.

Tune in to see if the kids can break the records and claim their very own Guinness World Records titles!