EUROs-2020-final-split-image of Leonardo Bonucci Luke Shaw and Italy holding trophy

Sunday’s nail-biting UEFA European Championship final between Italy and England left many on the edge of their seat for the game and subsequent penalty shoot-out. 

The result, a 1-1 draw which led to Italy winning 3-2 on penalties, meant they were the ones raising the trophy.

However, members of both the Italy and England squad scored record-breaking goals at Wembley - and Italy's long awaited win has earned them a second record too.

Luke Shaw celebrating goal against Italy

Fastest goal scored in a football (soccer) UEFA European Championship final

Luke Shaw (UK), bagged an early goal for England just 1 min 57 sec into the game, breaking the record for the fastest goal scored in a football (soccer) UEFA European Championship final.

Shaw started the move in his own half, passing to Harry Kane who spread the ball to Kieran Tripper on the right flank.

Shaw made his way undetected into Italy’s box and met Trippier’s inch-perfect cross with a low driven volley into the net.

The Manchester United left-back scored his first ever goal for England to put them 1-0 up in their first ever Euro final.

The previous fastest goal in a Euro final was scored by Chus Pereda (Spain) at 5 min 17 sec of the 1964 final against the Soviet Union. The goal propelled Spain to a 2-1 win.

Bonucci celebrating goal against england

Oldest goalscorer in a football (soccer) UEFA European Championship final

In the 67th minute, Leonardo Bonucci scored the equalizer for Italy, taking the score to 1-1.

The defender was aged 34 years 71 days when he scored, making him the oldest goalscorer in a football (soccer) UEFA European Championship final.

Following an Italian corner, the ball was headed into the post by Marco Verratti. As the ball rebounded behind the outstretched Jordan Pickford, the veteran Bonucci sprang into action to tap it in.

The goal brought Italy level after they had been trying to penetrate the English defence for over an hour.

Bonucci has represented Italy at the Euros 18 times, more than any other Italian player. He has also represented his country in two World Cups and three European Championships. 

He's now cemented himself as a national hero in Italy as they win their first international tournament since the 2006 World Cup.

The previous oldest goalscorer in a Euro final was Bernd Hölzenbein (Germany), aged 30 years 103 days. He scored the equalizer against Czechoslovakia in the 1976 final. The game ended 2-2, with Czechoslovakia going on to win 5-3 on penalties.

Italian football team celebrating Euro win

Longest duration between wins at the UEFA European Championships

Following their climactic penalty shootout victory, Italy set the record for the longest duration between wins at the UEFA European Championships.

Their first win came on 10 June 1968, when they defeated Yugoslavia 2-0 in a replay from a 1-1 draw on the 8 June 1968. In this tournament, draws after extra time were decided by a coin toss, except in the final which had to be replayed. 

Italy progressed through the semi-finals in this way, after drawing 0-0 with the Soviet Union and subsequently winning the coin toss.

Sunday's win on penalties was an agonizing 53 years and 31 days after their last Euro win.