Harry Nathan and Evangelos Boonie Labrakis displaying the Doof Shed

Measuring only 1.88 metres high and welcoming up to seven partygoers at a time, this one-of-a-kind nightclub allows people to experience live music safely without the crowds. 

The "Doof Shed", a creative attempt to rethink clubbing during the pandemic, broke the record for the smallest mobile nightclub on 16 June 2021.

The Labrakis twins built the Doof Shed in Sydney, Australia. It measures 1.53m x 0.74m x 1.88m, beating the record previously held by the 2.01 metre-high Club 28 (UK).

People can currently register their interest in the club via ballot on doofshed.com to be in with a chance of experiencing the smallest mobile nightclub themselves.

"Nightclubs for me are all about the doof, that’s why I named it the Doof Shed. When people enter the ballot they can choose who’s show they’d like to attend. You can bring your friends to my set too… our current record is seven people!" - Evangelos ‘Boonie’ Labrakis

To create the Doof Shed, the twins repurposed a corrugated metal shed with the help of their father and painted the name with bright neon graffiti, building from scratch a tiny but fully functioning nightclub. 

The nightclub offers a unique experience that comes during a time of struggle for Sydney’s club scene, which suffered greatly because of the pandemic. 

With its disco ball, top-notch technology and miniature size, the Doof Shed answered creatively to the need to reinvent clubs during Covid.

Harry Nathan and Boonie Labrakis inside the Doof Shed

The Doof Shed recreates the classic dancefloor atmosphere, boasting a Pioneer DJ setup, focal sound system and intelligent lighting. 

It is even set up with a "Full Send" button to activate the full-on nightclub experience: smoke machine, strobe, flashing lights and lasers. 

In short, the small nightclub is equipped with everything partygoers could ask for.

However, the Doof Shed is not only a record-breaking alternative to clubbing: it also kindles hope in the future of the nightclub scene. 

Music is a passion that has accompanied Harry and Evangelos all their lives. It is a job and a source of inspiration for them.Boonie-Labrakis-building-the-Doof-Shed

Better known by his stage name Harry Nathan, Harry is an electronic music DJ, singer and producer. He has more than 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and recently signed to electronic and indie label Majestic Casual and Kitsuné Musique, a French-Japanese electronic music label. 

On the other hand, Evangelos ‘Boonie’ is a real car and techno music enthusiast. Apparently, his style is quite different from his brother's "downtempo or experimental style", as he defines it.

Evangelos has managed to merge his two passions, with his forthcoming debut EP featuring sounds from his favourite cars. 

The brothers’ music tastes and views on DJ sets might differ, but they both witnessed the difficulties of the music industry during the pandemic.


"Dance music culture continues to experience setbacks worldwide, with music festivals and nightclubs closing or being cancelled at a rapid rate", said Harry. 

"The landscape has become very difficult for promoters to schedule future events, running the risk of having their events cancelled last minute due to COVID restrictions or sudden government lockdowns" - Harry Labrakis

Covid restrictions have recently been relaxed in Australia, so the twins decided to open the Doof Shed's tiny dancefloor to visitors.

During this event, punters had the chance to enter a ballot system for an opportunity to experience the club.

All proceeds from the event went to mental health charities to aid those affected by the pandemic.