Our latest record holder is a dentist’s dream – meet Minnesota resident Isaac Johnson (USA), the teen with the world’s largest gape (male)!  

Isaac previously held this record but had his title taken from him just months after getting it verified. 

Phillip Angus (USA) took the record from Isaac in November 2019 with a gape of 9.52 cm (3.75 in).

However, almost a year later, Isaac was thrilled to discover his gape had grown enough to reclaim the title with a whopping measurement of 10.175 cm (4 in).

For context, Isaac is able to open his mouth so big, he can fit objects like a baseball, a soda can, and even a large apple, with room to spare!


Isaac first thought he could break the record after seeing the 2017 record holder revealed, Bernd Schmidt (Germany), who at the time held the record at 8.8 cm.

He naturally had an ability for opening his mouth particularly wide.

After seeing the width of the former record holder, Isaac was determined to be the next Guinness World Records title holder, and ultimately succeeded in his endeavour! 

Now he holds the record title (again), he's often showing off his distinguished attribute to his friends or other people who want to see.  


One of the biggest questions that everyone wonders is 'does it hurt to open your mouth so wide?'. For Isaac, it’s just a natural ability he’s able to do.  

"It doesn't hurt but it can get tired if I open for a long period of time," he explained.   

Isaac’s jaw has attracted international attention.

His TikTok video on the Guinness World Records account has been viewed over 77 million time, and has even gotten him recognized when he's out in public.


Largest mouth gape (male): 10.175 cm / 4 in by Isaac Johnson 🇺🇸

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"One time at the movie theatre the employee who was giving us our tickets said to me, 'You look familiar! Are you a child celebrity?' We laughed and said she must have seen the Guinness World Records video!"

In the future, Isaac hopes that his story and message about embracing his natural gift inspires others to be who they are and to not let anyone else change that.

Who knows, that natural gift might just break a record!