Darine Barbar while attempting longest Samsons chair static wall sit

Samson's chair, also known as a static wall sit, is known for being a challenging, thigh-burning exercise. 

While some may struggle to maintain the position for 30 seconds, Dareen Barbar (Lebanon), who lives in Dubai, managed to stay in the position for a record-breaking 2 minutes 8.24 seconds. 

With this impressive feat, the fitness and lifestyle coach broke the record for the longest Samson's chair/static wall sit (female) - LA1.

Dareen has an above knee left leg amputation (LA1), and her record was attempted in conjunction with the launch of the Guinness World Records Impairment Records Initiative, which includes classification categories for those with physical, intellectual and visual impairments. 

"I lost my leg at the age of 15 to bone cancer. I had another accident in 2013 [I] broke my left hip where my amputation is and had to have two screws in the hip," Dareen explained.

However, Dareen's accident led her to discover her passion for sports and fitness after she started going to the gym to aid her recovery. 

"I started going to the gym after my broken hip accident in 2013. It [her passion] grew each day with discovering my abilities and how far I can go in exercising and overcoming challenges."

Collage images of Darine Barbar

Dareen was inspired by Terry Fox, a Canadian athlete and cancer research activist who also had one amputated leg. 

"His story inspired me to start a public profile on all social media networks and share my life and fitness journey with people to raise awareness towards inclusivity of the disabled in all aspects in life especially sports. And how people who have disabilities can be productive and successful regardless of obstacles."

The date of Dareen's static wall sit attempt, the 4th June, was particularly significant to her. 

Dareen Barbar after her wall sit attempt

"Breaking the record on 4th of June means a lot to me because in this month in 1993 I lost my leg and here I am in the same month 28 years later breaking a Guinness World Records title."

"I always look for ways to show the world that disability is an extra ordinary ability that makes the impossible possible, and the only disability in life is a bad attitude and mindset. I grew up reading the Guinness World Record Book and never did I think that I could be one of these people who defy all odds." - Dareen Barbar

Dareen, who is married with two children, plans to continue encouraging people to go beyond their limits and work hard to achieve personal and physical goals. 

"Achieving something is always rewarding. Go for it, plan, train and aim."

Darine Barbar posing with the Guinness World Records certificate

The Guinness World Records Impairment Records Initiative

This initiative is made up of an initial twenty-three classification categories for those with physical, intellectual and visual impairments. 

The classifications, created with the support of external experts, will be applicable across all sports, strength and "journey" records.  

"It’s a privilege to launch our Impairment Records Initiative today, a project which will make GWR instantly more relevant and accessible to millions of people around the world. We really hope that in launching this project and crowning new record holders, we will encourage many more people with physical, intellectual or visual impairments to get in touch and attempt a Guinness World Records title in the future." - Adam Brown, Director of Records at Guinness World Records

This initiative with enable the creation of potentially hundreds of new record titles which can be attempted by people with impairments around the world, allowing amateur athletes, fitness fanatics and keen-sports people to achieve GWR titles such as the most pull ups in one minute – AA1, the fastest time to pull a fire engine 100 metres – MP3 and many more.  

Learn more about the classifications, the corresponding record categories and how you can apply here