Al Roker’s favourite time of the year is here again, and he’s celebrating Rokerthon by breaking another Guinness World Records title.  

On Monday, Al successfully achieved the record for the most people in an online weather reporting video relay, a title he earned with 63 participating meteorologists.  


As part of the excitement for the Summer Solstice, NBC meteorologists from across the country reported a weather forecast from their local area throughout all four hours of the TODAY show. 

These included reports from Georgia, Louisiana, Hawaii, and even Alaska.  

After kicking off the start of Rokerthon by announcing the record attempt, Al passed the Rokerthon beach ball which became a continuous volley among all reporters.  

The first report began with meteorologist Rebecca Barry from NBC affiliate WFLA, who gave the weather forecast early Monday morning for Florida's Clearwater Beach.  

Travelling to the sunny shores of New Jersey, Al chimed in with his weather report live from the beach town of Long Branch.  

The final record-breaking results were delivered by adjudicator Brittany Dunn on the beaches of Long Branch, who was present with Al to ensure all official rules were followed.  


One of the most important points in the guidelines states that there must be no more than a 60-second pause between each participant in the relay.  

After tallying the final number, Al Roker was officially presented with his Guinness World Records certificate and celebrated with eco-friendly confetti.  

Breaking records has now become an annual Rokerthon tradition, as this year marks the NBC Today Show weatherman’s fourth official attempt.  

In the past, Al has achieved the record for the longest uninterrupted live TV weather report, fastest time to report a weather forecast in all 50 US states, and even visited five colleges in 2017 to attempt records with each university!  


Even last year, the pandemic didn’t stop him from attaining his annual title. In fact, he broke a virtual record for the most people in an online sandwich making relay with 69 chefs across the country and a few internationally to celebrate Rokerthon in a safe but interactive way.  

With this attempt marking another successful Rokerthon in the record books, we’re excited to see what’s in store for next year!