Collage images of Global Village record breaking attempts

Global Village is located in Dubai, UAE, and was created back in 1997, making it one of the region’s first multi-cultural festival parks.

The destination includes country pavilions showcasing more than 90 different countries and cultures, an amusement park, multiple food & beverage outlets and other attractions.

This year marks their 25th season/anniversary and to celebrate this milestone, Global Village set a goal to break 25 records!

Their attempts ranged from the most letters to Santa collected in 24 hours to largest board game, snakes and ladders.

Without any further ado, here are the 25 records achieved by the popular Dubai-based attraction:

  • Most videos in a music medley video - 1,971
  • Most LED lights on a car - 37,671
  • Largest flag number - 1,096
  • Largest bottle cap sentence - 14,279
  • Largest admission ticket mosaic (flag) - 50.2 square metres
  • Largest admission ticket - 1.27 m²
  • Largest online video chain of people passing a drink - 444
  • Most letters to Santa collected in 24 hours - 2,144
  • Largest underwater LED mesh screen - 5013.4 m²
  • Largest picnic table - 2.995 m (h) x 5.501 m (l) x 4 m (w)
  • An Adjudicator standing on the world’s largest picnic table

  • Longest Line of Mandi - 4,888
  • Largest Display of Mandi - 4,888
  • Most awareness ribbons made in 1 hour by a team - 1,589
  • Largest Stuffed toy Mosaic (image) - 144.31 m²
  • Most beaded bracelets made in 1 hour (team) - 575
  • Most people in an online video relay holding a sign – 63 (However, this record has since been broken)
  • Most nationalities waving simultaneously - 65
  • Largest pin badge word - 3,152
  • Largest board game, snakes and ladders - 95.63 m²
  • Most donuts (spins) around a car driving on two wheels in one minute - 12
  • Most consecutive donuts (spins) in a car on wet surface - 62
  • Most nationalities on a theme park ride - 73
  • Largest lantern number – 2,500
  • Longest cartoon strip (individual) – 404,417 M and was achieved by Roshna M(India) in association with Global Village
  • Highest altitude skydiving firework display - 4,907.28m in association with Skydive Dubai

Global Village spans over 1.6 million square meters and has more than 5 million visitors per season.

The now well-known attraction had a humble start.1997 marked season 1 of Global Village and it ran for 1 month only on a 50,000 square-meter site at Dubai Creek. Fast-forward to season 25, the festival ran for 190 days ending on May 2nd.

The various records broken by Global village allowed hundreds of the visitors to participate or benefit from the attempts. For example, visitors got to take home the awareness ribbons made during the attempt for most awareness ribbons made by a team in 1 hour. GV managed to create 1,589 ribbons in that time frame. The attempt aimed to spread awareness on the occasion of World Cancer Day.

Participants in global village creating awareness ribbons

Fans and visitors of the park enjoyed a spectacular firework display show in the finale on the 2nd of May. Global Village teamed up with Skydive Dubai to break the record for highest altitude skydiving firework display.

20 skydivers jumped from a plane flying at an altitude of 4,907.28m and lighted up the sky of Dubai with more than 70 fireworks.

The largest snakes and ladders board game displayed in Dubai

Global Village will return with season 26 in October.