Heaviest Mango found in Colombia

Many enjoy eating delicious and tangy mango fruits, but have you ever seen one over five pounds?

Colombian farmers, Germán Orlando Novoa Barrera and Reina Maria Marroquín, managed to break a record after growing the world’s heaviest mango in Guayatá, Colombia on the San Martín farm in the area of Boyacá.

The impressive mango weighed in at 4.25 kilograms (9.36 lb) and was certified as an official Guinness World Records title. 

The previous record was held by a mango found in the Philippines that weighed 3.435 kilograms (7.57 lb) in 2009.


Germán and Reina began to notice that the fruit was growing very large, and they could see the difference in relation to the other mangos on the tree. 

Once the official size and weight was known, his daughter Dabegy suggested searching the internet to see if there was any record title related to the category and found that the mango they had at home was the heaviest in the world.


"Our goal with this Guinness World Records title is to show to the world that in Colombia we are humble, hardworking people who love the countryside and that the land that is cultivated with love produces great fruits. In addition, this represents in times of pandemic a message of hope and joy for our people,” Germán mentioned.

Mango is a fruit of Asian origin and is harvested in tropical places. In Guayatá, it is grown in small quantities, generally only for family consumption. Guayatá is an agricultural municipality with the most important products being coffee, mogolla and arepas.


One of the best parts of obtaining an official Guinness World Records title was that it confirmed history was being made in Guayatá.

"It is an award and a recognition of the effort and dedication to the Guayatuno countryside, and the love for nature that our parents passed down to us. In addition, it is the second Guinness World Records title for the municipality, since, in 2014, we broke the record for the largest flower petal carpet at 3,199 square meters," commented Germán

After being documented for the record, the family celebrated by sharing and eating the entire mango.


However, they made sure to commemorate their record-breaking moment.

"It was very delicious and healthy inside, but before that, we made a mold out of it to make a replica and donate it to the municipality to be recorded in history."