Did a movie ever inspire you to achieve greatness in your own life? For film lover and personal trainer Ramiro Alanis, the franchise, The Avengersmotivated him to break a record for one of his favourite movies of all time.  

Unable to get enough of Avengers: Endgame, the Florida-based super fan officially broke the record for the most cinema productions attended of the same film after watching the movie 191 times!  

Since originally being exposed to the Marvel Universe, Ramiro says he best relates to Steve Rogers, who is also known as “Captain America” and played by Hollywood actor, Chris Evans.  


"His character embodies many values that I stand for, righteousness, kindness, thinking about others before himself."  

Ramiro got this initial idea upon seeing YouTuber and former record-holder, NemRaps, achieve the title for the most cinema productions attended of the same filmwatching Avengers: Infinity War 

Having also participated in a record attempt in 2010 for the largest human image of a heart, Ramiro Alanis wanted to break his own record for something he loved: movies and superheroes. 

“Movies teach us deep messages about life, culture and society.” Ramiro adds, along with “helping people and those in need, which I'm very passionate about.”  

“We might not have superpowers but with acts of kindness we can change someone's life.” 


Attempting this record was quite easy for Ramiro because of his never-ending passion for the cinema.  

But what made this attempt even more significant, was that the film the Avengers: Endgame was the last one to conclude the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Avengers franchise 

However, attending the movies so many times had its consequences – as Ramiro began losing a part of his social life after spending all his free time in a theatre. 

“The most difficult part about this attempt was giving up my social life with my family, the gym (I lost 16 pounds of muscle) and managing my work hours and screening times at the theatres.” 

But his diligence proved to be worth it. After receiving an email from the Guinness World Records’ team confirming he had broken the record, tears flooded the eyes of this Marvel fan as he was grateful to be a part of one of his favourite franchise’s history. 


Reflecting on his record attempt, Ramiro says that because of the support I got from family, friends, managers and staff from the theatres I visited” and the support from fans on social media who followed his journey, they were the ones who motivated him and made this challenge memorable. 

For those who are looking to break a Guinness World Records title, Ramiro suggests to: “plan accordingly to your record attempt and prepare yourself as much as you can, physically and mentally, all things are possible.”