split image of the most expensive sheepdog

The record for the most expensive sheepdog has been broken by a 12-month-old female red-and-white border collie called Kim.

She sold for £28,455 ($38,893; including buyer's premium) at an online auction organized by Farmers Marts in Dolgellau, Gwynedd, Wales, UK, on 3 February 2021. 

The hammer price before the 5% premium was added was £27,100 ($37,040). 

Kim was reared and trained by farmer and sheepdog triallist Dewi Jenkins (UK) of Talybont, near Aberystwyth, and was purchased by E Vaughan from Staffordshire, UK.

most expensive sheepdog kim looking at camera

What makes this sale even more incredible is Kim's young age, with the hammer falling just one day prior to her turning one year old. 

However, Mr Jenkins said that Kim's intelligence and experience was more akin to a three-year-old sheepdog.

 "She was doing everything - she worked cattle and sheep, she was ready for any trials or farm work for anybody" - Dewi Jenkins

Despite being a Welsh speaker, Mr Jenkins trained Kim – and trains his other dogs - in English so he’s able to sell them elsewhere in the UK and across the world. 

It is the first time that a dog trained by Mr. Jenkins has broken this record. 

Henna, the previous record holder for most expensive sheepdog

The previous record for the most expensive sheepdog was held by another female Welsh sheepdog who was sold last year.

Henna realized £20,000 ($26,088) at an online sale organized by Skipton Auction Mart in North Yorkshire, UK, on 13 October 2020. 

Henna was reared by breeder and triallist Kevin Evans (UK) of Llwynfedwen Farm near Brecon.

She was purchased by fellow Welsh farmer Donna Jones whose farm is located near Llanbedr, Gwynedd, in the Black Mountains.

Neither Henna nor Kim will probably cross paths with Sportsmans Double Diamond (UK) though, the record holder for the most expensive sheep.

Sportsmans Double Diamond (UK) is a pedigree Texel ram lamb who sold for £367,500 ($490,473 / €411,307) at auction, in Lanark, Scotland, UK, on 27 August 2020.