split image of tub of cheese and pizza with most variety of cheese cooked

 When Benoît Bruel (France) found the record for the most varieties of cheese on a pizza on our database, he felt that as a Frenchman he had to attempt it.

A record about cheese seemed almost a civic duty to attempt - "we’re in the country of cheese!" he said.

With his ingredients and utensils at the ready, Benoît went to work. 

In the end, he managed to fit an incredible 254 varieties of cheese on a crust only 30 cm in diameter. 

And of course, most of them were French cheeses, with some Swiss contributions. 

A number of Comté and Roquefort, from the mildest to the sharpest and tangiest of flavours.

Adding cheese to the pizza base

Benoît weighed each variety carefully, both in adherence to the record’s guidelines and to ensure the best spread of flavour. 

He then prepared some tomato sauce and spread it on his handmade dough base.

 The next step was covering the base with his myriad of cheeses, a sight that would surely get any cheese-lover’s taste buds tingling.

Most varieties of cheese on a pizza having cheese added view from above

The combinations of flavours would make the mind reel!

Though it’s unlikely anyone was ready for the outcome. 

Because a simple footlong base had to corral 254 cheeses, Benoît’s only option was to create a mouth-watering deep dish crust.

And to ensure none of it went to waste, the pizza needed to be eaten, so the record’s witnesses divided it up and each got to experience a unique combination of flavours. 

Most varieties of cheese on a pizza cooked pizza on a plate

There were positive reviews all around.

Benoît beat the previous record by an incredible 100 varieties of cheese.

The previous record stood for almost a year at 154 varieties of cheese, held by Johnny di Francesco (Australia) at ‘400 Gradi’ restaurant, Melbourne, Australia.

Congratulations Benoît!

Creator posing with Most varieties of cheese on a pizza