Multiple record breaking achievements by Ramkumar

Meet the man whose aim is to achieve 100 Guinness World Records titles!

His name is Ramkumar Sarangapani (India) and he has many talents. From creating large scale items and mosaics to records involving magnets, he can do it all.

By profession, he is a numismatist, which involves the study or collection of currency, including coins, tokens, paper money and related objects. 

The south Indian national has been living in Dubai since 2003 and worked in many multinational firms before launching his own in 2012.

Ramkumar holding the largest license platin the world

The 41-year-old finance graduate is fascinated with breaking world records, sometimes just for fun, or sometimes as an opportunity to praise the country in which he lives – the United Arab Emirates.

Not stopping anytime soon, Ramkumar is aiming to bag at least 100 world records and he is currently the person with the most amount of records in the pan Arab region with 18 in total.

You might be asking by now "what records has he broken then?".

Well, here are all his current records:

  • Largest pair of earrings - 200 centimeters
  • Largest gift card - 6.15 square meters
  • Longest chain of magnets - 50,201 total number
  • Largest banknote mosaic (image) – 29.20 square meters
  • Largest pop up greetings card – 8.20 square meters
  • Most pages in a photograph flip book – 1440 total number
  • Largest magnet sentence – 50,102 total number
  • Largest banknote sentence – 5,005 total number
  • Largest magnet word – 50,020 total number
  • Longest magnet sculpture – 75.20 centimeters
  • Largest business card – 6.00 square meters
  • Largest desk calendar – 6.2525 square meters
  • Largest playing card – 2.87 meters
  • Largest banknote word – 3,040 total number
  • Largest electronic greetings card – 12 square meters
  • Longest line of plastic cards – 3,194 total number
  • Largest license plate – 2.97 square meters
  • Smallest pack of playing cards - 7mm X 5mm X 4.86mm
 A man holding the smallest playing cards in the world

"I have all the certificates hung up on different walls across my office," Ramkumar said.  

"One wall is not enough space anymore."

In October 2020, his record for longest line of dice, a record he has kept since January 2018, was broken.

So when did his fascination with record-breaking begin?

Back in 2017 one of Ramkumar's friends argued that only ‘superhumans’ can make it to the GWR hall of fame. 

"Next thing I know, I have 5 open applications with Guinness World Records," he said. 

"It was September 2017 when I was awarded my first record for longest chain of magnets, and I was fascinated by the recognition I received.

"So, I put a plan to break one world record every month, so I did for the next 5 titles."

Ramkumar comparing the largest pair of earring to a regular sized earing

Ramkumar paused his record-breaking for a while, but when the lockdown was imposed, he found plenty of time to go back to his passion. In fact, he broke 14 world records in 2020 alone, bagging 6 of them during Guinness World Records Day in November, a day where record breakers from all over the world celebrate their achievements globally.

He said his lifetime goal is to break 100 world records. "A hundred is a great number, isn’t it?," he added. 

"It is my new hobby. I love breaking records, it makes my life more meaningful and brings me joy."

It is a daily routine for him to come back from work and look up world records that he thinks he could achieve. 

"Planning takes time, but the execution takes around one day. I am hoping to bring my total number to 25 world records by end of March 2021."

"My goal is to inspire people and to prove that everyone is amazing in their own way."