From her incredible roster of songs, Dolly Parton’s favorite line of all time is "pour myself a cup of ambition" from her 1980 hit, "9 to 5".

She has been sipping this cup of ambition for almost seven decades to build a successful career, make music history and break world records. 

The music icon recently set two new record titles for the:

  • most decades on the US Hot Country Songs chart (female) - 7
  • most No.1 hits on the US Hot Country Songs chart by a female artist - 25

She also broke her existing record for the most hits on the US Hot Country Songs chart by a female artist with 109 hits.

These titles join Dolly's previous record for most decades with a Top 20 hit on the US Hot Country Songs chart at 6, awarded in 2018.

Friend and fellow singer-songwriter George Jones (1950s-2010s) joins Dolly as the only other artist with seven decades of hit-making success on Hot Country Songs.

During a celebratory certificate presentation in Nashville, Tennessee, Guinness World Records honored Dolly with her new records and explored her prolific career during an exclusive interview.

"This is the kind of stuff that really makes you very humble and very grateful for everything that’s happened. I had no idea that I would be in Guinness World Records this many times! I am flattered and honored. I've had a lot of people help me get here. Thanks to all of you and all of them for helping me have all of this." – Dolly Parton

"Dolly Parton is one of very few musical artists in history with this degree of staying power. Writing and recording music that makes the charts across seven decades is truly an amazing accomplishment," added adjudicator Sarah Casson.

Young Dolly set her sights on showbusiness. At the age of ten years old, she started recording songs.

Looking back on her career and life, she advises 9-year-old Dolly, "Girl, you better buckle up. You’re in for the ride of your life. Just hang in there!"

She went on to craft chart-topper after chart-topper with her 1967 hits "Something Fishy", "Dumb Blonde". Her first No. 1 entry was in 1971 with "Joshua". It was followed by "Jolene" in 1974 and other memorable songs every decade since.

Throughout her career, Dolly also harmonized with other singers to create hits. Twenty-one of Parton's country hits were achieved during her time as a duo with fellow singer Porter Wagoner (1927–2007).

Her latest duets with Michael Bublé on holiday melody "Cuddle Up, Cozy Down Christmas" and Reba McEntire’s heartfelt remake of "Does He Love You" helped extend her reign on the Hot Country Songs chart. 

Next on her list is a collaboration with bestselling author James Patterson on an upcoming novel, Run, Rose, Run, which will be accompanied by a new album based on the story, due in March 2022.


"I've loved being able to make a living in the business that I love so much. I've been so fortunate to see my dreams come true, and I just hope to continue for as long as I can. You're going to have to knock me down to stop me!"

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