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6-year-old Scarlett Ashley Cheng from Hong Kong SAR, China, has a staggering collection of lip balms. 

She and her sister, 8-year-old Kaylyn, are keen lip balm curators, and have amassed a total of 3,388 different ones. 

Their assortment was confirmed as the largest collection of lip balms on 24 April 2021.

The collection includes lip balms of different types, colour, texture, shape and function.

Over the last few years, collecting lip balms has become one of my hobbies because of the way they look, they taste and they feel! - Scarlett Ashley Cheng

They also have lip balms from all over the world and from brands such as Burt's Bees, eos, Humble, Nivea and many, many more!

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The collection started with Scarlett's first ever lip balm, which her grandmother bought for her. 

"It all started with having dry lips when I was little," Scarlett said. 

"My parents and my grandma used to put lip balms on my lips everyday to keep them moist.

"At first, they were just plain without any flavours when I was very young, and as I grew older, I started to try out different flavours."

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Scarlett believes that saving beautiful things is a habit that will bring her "joy and fun". 

Apart from collections, Scarlett and her sister Kaylyn also like to DIY organic lip balms by themselves at home and often gift them to family members and friends.

largest lip balm collection sisters

The sisters, with help from their parents, applied for the record to show that setting targets and goals can make life meaningful. 

According to the family, achieving the Guinness World Records title is a "different and unforgettable" feat.

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