Pratik Vitthal Mohite (India) measures 102 cm (3 ft 4 in) and is the shortest competitive bodybuilder (male) in the world, as verified in February 2021.  

Pratik first applied to set a new world record through a friend’s suggestion and, although the pandemic slowed down the process, now he’s proudly raising a GWR certificate.

"It was my dream to achieve a Guinness World Records title and it’s such an honour to achieve it. I’m very happy and till now this will be my biggest achievement in my career." - Pratik Mohite 

Breaking a world record and appearing in Guinness World Records 2022 holds great importance to Pratik, who affirms that seeing his name inside the book will be a life-changing moment. 

"Getting a recognition by Guinness World Records is a great step up for me," he says.

shortest competitive bodybuilder pose

Pratik’s bodybuilding career started in 2012, not without some initial bumps along the road. 

Initially, during his workouts, he struggled to grip the equipment. 

"People thought I'm weak," he said. But, thanks to hours of hard work in the gym and a can-do mindset, Pratik proved people wrong. 

He wants to pass on the message that anyone can do anything if they have a goal in mind and stay focused. 

Pratik’s first participated in a competitive event in 2016. 

"My family are very happy and proud of me and my friends are very supportive and helpful."

 shortest competitive bodybuilder

To achieve his goals, he maintains a strict training regime. 

His morning kicks off early with a 30-minute run. 

After a healthy breakfast, which also comprehends special diet food, in the afternoon Pratik hits the gym for two hours. He snaps some shots for his Instagram whilst training, keeping his followers updated on his progress. 

Another 30-minute run in the evening concludes his day.

When he’s not at the gym, Pratik likes to play cricket with his friends. 

Pratik Mohite posing black background

Pratik’s heading to an exciting future, packed with personal goals and new dreams to seize.

He intends to continue body building and aims to open his own gym, where he’ll inspire and train like-minded future athletes.

There might even be more records in his future: Pratik is keen on attempting the record for most push-ups in a minute

Read about Pratik and his record in Guinness World Records 2022, out now.