largest can collection split image

Canadian can fan Gary Feng loves Coca-Cola®. 

In fact, he loves it so much so that he bought 11,308 different cans from 108 different countries.

Gary now officially owns the largest collection of soft drink cans (same brand) in the world.

He broke the previous record of 10,558 held by Davide Andreani (Italy), who also collected Coca-Cola®.

Here are some of the highlights of Gary’s “Coca-Cola® world”...

largest can collection stranger things

The theme of this limited edition ‘Stranger Coke’ box is – you guessed it – Stranger Things.

Inside the box is a top secret document and slightly crumpled can of Coca-Cola®.

This can is extremely rare as it was never publicly for sale – it was part of a promotional package given only to select social media personalities.

largest can collection big mac

This limited edition can, designed to look like a Big Mac, commemorates the 50th  anniversary of the iconic burger. It’s even presented in a Big Mac box!

Gary also owns a can that commemorates the first meeting of Kim Jong-un, president of North Korea, and Donald Trump, former president of the USA. The Coca-Cola® logo is printed half in English and half in Korean. 

Trump is known to be a big Diet Coke® drinker, reportedly consuming 12 cans per day. He also enjoys Big Macs and occasionally had them delivered to the White House during his time there.

largest can collection space cans

Gary’s two favourite cans were literally out of this world.

On 4 July 1985, the space shuttle Challenger was launched. Coca-Cola® created a can that was specially designed for use in the low gravity environment on board.

“It’s beautiful. It’s also a piece of history as well” he remarked.

Gary also owns a Russian version, which was first consumed on the Soviet space station Mir on 26 August 1991.

“The Russian version is actually more rare. I believe many, many can collectors are dreaming of having this piece in their collection.”

largest can collection first ever coke can

In 1955, the first Coca-Cola® can ever was produced. Emblazoned with the iconic logo in red, it’s made of tin and resembles a can of soup.

The first aluminium Coca-Cola® can was released in 1967.

largest can collection wall

Gary also has an entire wall of shelves dedicated to his American cans.

Coca-Cola® designed these cans for celebrating various company-related events, such as grand openings of new plants, private parties and employee weddings.

“People just drink it and dunk it, so there’s not that many left in the world.”

largest can collection soccer cans

But his wall of American cans pales in comparison to the entire room which houses his soccer-related cans.

Coca-Cola® produce these cans before every major international tournament, such as the FIFA World Cup.

The sports-themed cans don’t end there though. Coca-Cola® have sponsored the Olympic Games since 1928 and often produce special cans for the event. 

Through looking at Gary’s collection, you can trace the history of the Olympics. He even has a super rare can designed for the 2016 Chicago Olympics, which of course never happened, as Rio de Janeiro won the bid.

largest can collection first ever certificate

Gary's amazing collection has earned him an official Guinness World Records title, but he doesn't plan to stop here. He loves Coca-Cola® and eagerly anticipates new limited edition releases.

The only item missing from his collection is a Gary-themed can.

“I would love to have a can with my picture on it. It would be great in my collection.”