most tricks by two dogs in one minute

Emily Larlham, a dog trainer based out of El Cajon, California, USA, is paving the way to becoming the "ulti-mutt" dog trainer!

Through positive reinforcement training, Emily and her dogs, Wish and Halo, were able to achieve the Guinness World Records title most tricks performed by two dogs in one minute at 28 tricks on 22 December 2020.  

As a bonus, Wish also successfully executed the fastest 5 m crawl by a dog with 2.175 seconds to add to his growing collection of accolades. 

Based out of El Cajon, California, USA, Emily Larlham (USA), has dedicated her personal life and career to help strengthen relationships between pet owners and their dogs.  

She has produced over 350 popular comprehensive dog training video tutorials through her YouTube channel - helping owners with training exercises, solving puppy habits and aiding pet owners with complex dog behaviours. 

Most tricks performed by two dogs in one minute both circling in the air small

Emily first started her dog trainer journey 15 years ago when she was a shelter animal caregiver. There she met her mentor and fellow dog trainer, Kyle Rayon.  

Through her mentorship with Kyle and many years of study, Emily began to develop her own creative training strategy for complex behavioural issues. 

Now, Emily has 5 furry friends, Kiko, Splash, Tug, Wish and Halo. Together they assist Emily in all her training tutorials. 

Wish and Halo sitting with paws on Emily

And now her Border Collies, Wish and Halo, are now officially record breakers! 

 Emily uses a method called 'Progressive Reinforcement Training', a term she developed that classifies a type of training-style that doesn’t involve any form of physical or psychological intimidation. 

To help congratulate her dogs with their "puptastic" behaviour throughout the attempt, Emily used key words like "Good" and "Yes", along with a clicker and plenty of dog treats.  

Wish and Halo running through trainer Emilys leg

She first teaches her animals how to recognize good behaviour, then trains them using exercise and finally uses toys as a fun and stimulating workout for her pups. 

Along with creating content for canine owners, Emily travels around the world conducting seminars, sharing her Progressive Reinforcement Training techniques to many other dog owners and trainers.  

In the past, she has spoken at conferences at the PPG Summit, Clicker Expo, Clicker Expo Europe, APDT, APDT Australia and the Art and Science of Animal Training Conference.  

We're sure there's lots more record-breaking in this talented trainer's future!

Emily Larlham with dog group