Longest underwater walk with single breath record smashed

By Emma Salt
split image of longest under water walk side of pool and during attempt

Boris Milosic (Croatia) walked an astounding 96 metres (314 ft 11.52 in) underwater without coming up for air, breaking the record for the longest underwater walk with one breath (male), in Split, Croatia, on 1 March 2020.

We’ve all tried to see how far we can swim holding our breath in a pool, but Boris took the challenge to new depths by beating the previous record by an amazing 16 metres; a feat which he completed in 3 min 34 sec.

To achieve the record title, he had to always keep one foot in contact with the ground. 

This meant that Boris had to attach weights to his body to make sure this guideline was adhered to – perhaps not for the faint hearted!

Longest underwater walk with one breath underwater shot

Boris is a self-proclaimed water lover whose passion for diving stems from when he was 7 years old, where he used to explore the wonders of the ocean. 

It wasn’t until age 14 that he discovered freediving as a professional sport. 

Now, at age 24, Boris has been freediving for an impressive total of 10 years.

Despite his expertise in the field, he still had to train five times a week for this attempt to make sure he secured the record title. 

Longest underwater walk with one breath walking underwater

Boris said he also had to do a lot of mental training as well physical. 

On the day of the attempt, he had amassed quite the audience, so remaining focused and blocking out distractions was the ultimate key to success.

This is Boris’ first Guinness World Records title, an achievement he describes as an important chapter in the story of his life. 

Keep your eyes peeled, though, as he already plans to break his own record at some point in the future!

Longest underwater walk with one breath standing at the side of pool