12-year-old Auldin Maxwell is breaking the internet with his latest record achievement: most Jenga blocks stacked on one vertical Jenga block.  

Several media outlets and online users have marveled at the fact that the young Salmon Arm, Canadian-resident could stack 693 jenga blocks perfectly balanced on one single brick.  

With patience, a steady hand, and unwavering determination, Auldin has beat the previous record holder by nearly 200 bricks (and truthfully, he could have kept going if he didn’t run out of Jenga blocks)! 

Auldin has wanted to earn a Guinness World Records title since he was six years old and has been balancing and stacking objects for as long as he can remember.  Most-Jenga-blocks-stacked-on-one-vertical-Jenga-block-Auldin-one-piece

This is what made this record challenge such a natural fit for him. 

He mentions that the hardest part was establishing a sturdy base to ensure the structure would not collapse, and once he got halfway through it became much easier to assemble.  


For ther kids who want to become Guinness World Records title holders like himself, Auldin advises:  

“Follow your dreams just like I did and maybe it will come true. You just never know what could happen. The key is to never give up.” 

After the tower was completed, Auldin used a couple of his Guinness World Record book editions to topple the tower over for a finale with a flourish, but held on to the final Jenga block and keeps it on a shelf in his room to commemorate the event and his success. 


He feels very proud to say he has accomplished a feat no one else in the world has, and he plans to celebrate this by maintaining the mental attitude that anyone can truly do anything they set their mind to.