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Frank Faeek Hachem, 57, from Hampshire (UK) broke the record for shortest bus driver when he measured in at 136.2 cm (4ft 5.6 inches) on 5th February 2018. 

Passing his normal driving test back in 1989, Frank has now been a bus driver for three years and passed his bus driving test in 2017. 

There are no special modifications for his bus, Frank just adjusts his seat and steering wheel and he is ready to go!

Frank has been working tirelessly throughout the Coronavirus outbreak, continuing to drive his buses as a key worker.

He says he's proud to "continue serving his community and help people to reach their destinations".

Achieving the Guinness World Records title for shortest bus driver and having his name printed in history means Frank’s children and grandchildren will always remember his achievement.


Frank is privileged to be among all the individuals in the world that have achieved a Guinness World Records title and would love to continue his record-breaking streak by becoming the shortest train driver, pilot and lorry driver!

On discovering that his record was featured in the new edition of the famous Guinness World Records book, Frank stated he will "cherish and keep it forever" and pass it on to future generations.

In addition to his record-breaking achievement, Frank will be appearing in a three part documentary on Channel 5 called Little Briton. 

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This has given him the opportunity to showcase the fact that if he can overcome his challenges, then so can other people! 

He thinks of his main skills as being able to motivate and inspire people even if they are a little different, and he hopes this documentary will help many people believe in themselves. 

He had a great time during the filming and loved meeting all the film crew.

Frank is just one of the incredible record holders featured in Guinness World Records 2021, which is available to order now.