Meet Azmat Khan (Pakistan) who recently broke the record for the fastest mile dribbling a basketball in 6 minutes and one second in Dubai, UAE.

Azmat has been working in the facility management field as customer response center agent in Dubai for the past 10 years.
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In his spare time, Azmat is very passionate when it comes to running and is a long-distance runner.

"I have participated in many different running events in the UAE during the past 8 years," said Azmat.

"Working as a customer response center agent, my work is a mix between daytime shifts and night shifts. But regardless of the time, I always find the time in the day for my training and running," he continued.

33-year-old Azmat wanted to break this record to "inspire people and to bring them toward [the] running community to achieve their fitness goals and stay healthy".


Azmat is not new to record breaking achievements. Last year he managed to break the record for the fastest 10 km dribbling a basketball, in just 44 minutes and 19 seconds.

What is more outstanding is that he managed to do so while beating the previous record by over 5 minutes.

I feel an incredible excitement for being a Guinness World Records title holder. I am looking forward to breaking many more records in the future.

Azmat is a man of his word. He had a new application opened and was on his way to breaking a new record but it's unfortunately been delayed due to an injury.

We can’t wait to see what Azmat will accomplish in the future.

Colin Shaver (USA) was the first person to break the record for fastest mile dribbling a basketball in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, on 24 May 2018. He achieved a time of 6 minutes 57.96 seconds.

The record was then broken by fellow American Reed McManigal in Des Moines, Iowa, USA, 27 October 2019, with a time of 6 minutes 39.43 seconds.

If sprinting or a 10k isn't your thing, there's also a longer endurance record for the fastest marathon dribbling a basketball, which is currently held by Raphael Igrisianu (Germany) with an incredible time of 3 hours, 0 minutes and 25 seconds. Raphael achieved the feat in Düsseldorf, Germany, on 30 April 2017.

Other basketball dribbling records include: 

  • Fastest marathon dribbling two basketballs - 3 hr 50 min 26 sec, achieved by Kev Howarth (UK)
  • Fastest mile on a pogo stick while dribbling a basketball - 23 min 2.91 seconds, achieved by Ashrita Furman (USA)
  • Greatest distance covered in 24 hours while dribbling a basketball - 177.5km (110.29 miles), achieved by Suresh Joachim (Australia)