Meet Walid Yari, an Emirati power engineer, who started bulking up in the gym as a young teenager.

He spent two hours training everyday as a youngster before he took it professionally. Now, he is known as 'The Beast of the Middle East', according to his 650k+ fanbase on social media.

Yari recently managed to break the record for the most side jump push ups in one minute, performing an impressive 33 flying push ups in a single minute.

The previous record stood at 26 and was achieved by Harpreet Singh (India), in Saarbrücken, Germany.

His gruelling workouts that he posts on social media have earned him the name of the  'The Beast'. According to Yari, there was no one else in the Middle East doing his style of aggressive, freestyle workouts before he pioneered the style.

He works as a cyber security engineer during the day, but transforms himself into 'The Beast' after work, trying to convince people to swap their burgers for burpees and get into shape with unique training routines.

“I have been training almost all my life, and I was ready the minute I knew about Guinness World Records (GWR) Day. So, I set up my cameras the very next day, and filmed the entire scene to smash the previous record title,” Yari said.


Yari took on the challenge to celebrate the launch of GWR Day 2020  – the annual celebration of record breaking that takes place in November each year. This year, it's encouraging people to take on a new challenge now lockdown measures are easing, or simply turn a newfound skill or talent into a world-record attempt.


The 34-year old Emirati is continually seeking to promote well-being and an enhanced quality of life for the community around him.

“Well, we all know that with great power comes great responsibility. And by power, I mean core strength to defy gravity and explode mid-air with a superman push up.”

For this challenging record, the push-ups had to be correctly performed in one minute while performing a side jump after each repetition. The arms had to be fully extended when jumping from one side to the other, making sure the body remained straight throughout, with no bending at the knees or waist. 

“They say it is a gruelling exercise. I say I can top up that in a better occasion. It is good to see more and more record-breakers from the region, especially the UAE. We have many hidden talents that need recognition, and I think it is your chance to explore them during GWR Day.” - Walid Yari

The Emirati national is looking for similar challenges to take on in the near future.