A group of six athletes smashed a record for the most chest to ground burpees in 24 hours 2

A group of six athletes based in Abu Dhabi have smashed the Guinness World Records title for most chest to ground burpees in 24 hours (mixed team)

While the minimum required was 6,000, the team managed to double that with 12,502 burpees in the same allocated time.

The team consisted of Eva Clarke, Ivan Camponogara, Daniel Gill, Tereza Petrovicova, Brandon Chin Loy and Anna Erdi.

Joined by two witnesses a time throughout their official attempt, the team received encouraging messages on a live conference call. 

The group wanted to inspire people to take on new challenges despite the lockdown and to encourage people to stay fit while at home – which is why they attempted such a gruelling physical feat. 

“For us, the pandemic is no time to turn into a couch-potato. Instead, the team challenged each other to double down on their efforts — even if our gym sessions are on-hold and we are separated from our teammates,” said Daniel, who is the Assistant Director of Wellness at a UAE-based university.

“Mind and body are linked together. There is no time for moping around, as all it takes is just one decision to change your attitude 180 degrees,” added Anna Erdi, who recently became a Psychology graduate in addition to a Guinness World Records title holder.

Of course, a positive mindset was important to keep the participants going throughout the 24-hour period – something Ivan, who is a Postdoctoral Associate at the New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD), finds quite easy. 

“Coming face-to-face with physical challenges never seems to deter me - with every problem encountered, I take on each adversity with a determined mindset and a will to succeed,” he explained.


“This cannot be a better day for us. We thank Guinness World Records for accepting remote adjudication. This online feature creates two measures of accountability, and we did not want to be left behind the eight ball!” said Tereza Petrovicova, who celebrated graduating from university and achieving a Guinness World Records title on the same day.

As the other participants celebrated achieving their first ever record, Eva Clarke celebrated a different milestone – her thirteenth record. Not only that, but this record marks her third 24-hour burpees record. 

“I managed to set 15 Guinness World Records titles in the past, three of them have already been broken. It is delightful to see other women pushing their limits in the same category. The thing that I try to preach and practice each day is to encourage women to explore their potential.” - Eva Clarke


Due to the coronavirus lockdown, the record attempt was an online Remote Adjudication via video link, ensuring the safety of the participants, the witnesses and the Adjudicator. Shaddy Gaad, Senior Marketing Manager at GWR’s MENA Office said:

“We congratulate the team on their achievement during lockdown. Like we did, they adapted quickly to our newly launched Remote Adjudication service, where we received their application, adjudicated it online, and presented them with the certificate in a chain video. Our job is to inspire and encourage brands and individuals to celebrate their achievements wherever they are. Congratulations, you are Officially Amazing!”

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