How have you spent your time during quarantine this year?  

Pima, Arizona resident, Tai Star Valianti used the extra time to create an insanely cool block tower, one that would go on to break his record for most Jenga blocks stacked on one vertical Jenga piece.  

Anyone who has played Jenga before knows how incredibly nerve-wracking it can be to pull one block from a carefully constructed tower – so image stacking multiple pieces on top of a single standing vertical block!  

Tai’s steady hands proved to be excellent for the task in 2019, initially breaking this record with 353 bricks.  

This year, he managed to conquer it again with a total of 485. 

For each attempt, Tai used several packs of Jenga blocks and stacked them in a very calculated and precise format.  


As one can imagine, it takes quite a bit of time and consideration to place each piece in the perfect spot so that the tower is not at risk for collapsing.  

The most incredible part of the tower is that as Tai builds, he expands it outwards from the single Jenga block giving it a physics-defying appearance!  

Surprisingly, the center remains hollow where the first standing Jenga block is placed.  

The result makes the Jenga blocks appear like an upside-down pyramid resting on a single piece – an astonishing feat achieved in only two hours.  

And the best part about this achievement? The tower stood for a total of nine minutes before Tai’s son <age?> knocked it down in a satisfying triumph.