Today we celebrate the amazing record-breaking achievements either set in Egypt or by Egyptians from across the world.

Ranging from sports to food, here are some incredible highlights from the Pharaonic nation.


Largest coffee cup mosaic (logo)

In an attempt to showcase the rich history of Egypt, Hesham Elsadek created a mosaic art piece of the Mask of Tutankhamun, an ancient gold mask of the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun, using coffee cups.

The artistic mosaic measured at 60 square meters and used 7,260 cups of coffee, breaking a record for the largest coffee cup mosaic (logo).

The attempt took place in Cairo, Egypt back in 2019.

Following the successful attempt, all the coffee cups were distributed among workers and donated to a local charity organization.


Largest vegetable stew

Vegetable stew is a widely loved dish in Egypt that consists of multiple types of vegetables, vegetable oil, a mix of herbs and spices.

The largest vegetable stew ever was in fact recorded in Egypt weighing at a whopping 4,155 kg. The massive meal took more than 12 hours to be cooked.

The milestone was achieved by Knorr Fine Foods in Cairo, Egypt back in 2015.

Most goals by a football (soccer) player in an English Premier League season (38 games)

Mohamed Salah, Egyptian national team and Liverpool F.C. striker, managed to cement his name among football greats back in the 2017/18 season.

He did so by breaking the record for the most goals by a football (soccer) player in an English Premier League season (38 games) with 32 goals.

He ended that season perfectly as he managed to score his record-breaking goal on the last day of the season against Brighton.

The previous record was 31 goals and was held by football stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal), Luis Suárez (Uruguay) and Alan Shearer (United Kingdom).

However, Salah's incredible season did not stop there, as he also broke the record for the most English Premier League football (soccer) matches scored in by an individual during a season (38 game) with 24 matches. 

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Most aerobic step ups in 30 seconds

Our next Egyptian record holder may not be as widely known as Mo Salah, but he also holds impressive exercise based records!

Mahmoud Ayoub demonstrated his astonishing speed after breaking the record for the most aerobic step ups in 30 seconds with 56 aerobic step ups in Elkharga, Egypt.


Ayoub’s record-breaking résumé also includes the record title for the most hand release push-ups with the thumbs in one minute with 38 push-ups.

Ayoub recently told us that he aims to break many more records relating to sports in the future.


First married couple to become Squash World Champions

Squash is a loved and very popular sport in Egypt, as the nation is known to produce multiple top squash players.

Tarek Momen and his wife Raneem El Welily both made it into the top players list, but they stand out from the rest due to achieving the record title for the first married couple to become Squash World Champions.

Momen, aged 32 years old, won the Men’s World Champion trophy back in November 2019, while, El Welily, aged 31 years old, was the 2017 Women's World Open Squash Champion.

El Welily became the World’s No.1 Squash player, becoming the first Egyptian female star in any sport to be crowned No.1.