As we celebrate International Tea Day, why not sit yourself down, boil the kettle and have a cuppa while reading some of our favourite tea-related records!


Largest tea party

Dainik Bhaskar, along with the city of Indore in India, set the record for the largest tea party with 32,681 participants in attendance.

Held inside a cricket stadium, the event gained significant media coverage and was designed to raise funds to improve Indore’s civic infrastructure.


Largest cup of bubble tea

Bubble tea was invented in Taiwan during the 1980’s as a hot or cold alternative to your standard cup of the good stuff.

Using the main ingredients of black tea bags, milk powder, liquid sugar, tapioca balls and ice cubes, the current record of 680 litres was achieved by Mihara Keigo in Taipei, Chinese Taipei on 3

November 2018.

2,000 people got their hands on a cup after a free concert was held by Keigo, who is also known as Youtuber Sanyuan.


Largest tea bag

Weighing in at a hefty 250kg, Rabea Tea owner Ahmen Mohamed Saleh Baeshen & co. more than doubled the previous record back in 2014.

It contained enough tea to brew 100,000 cups and was donated to charity after the record was achieved.

Most expensive tea

If you enjoy the finer things in life, you can spend up to £85 on a cup of this tea in Harrods, England.

The tea is grown in Yunnan province, China and is called Puer Hong Yin Yuan Cha, selling at £15,000 for a 12oz. block.

The tea undergoes complex processes of gradual fermentation and matures over time which is why it is standard to label them, to confirm the year and region of production.

Oldest tea leaves

We cannot provide the taste quality for our next record as the oldest tea leaves date back to before 0 AD.

Discovered by the Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology during the excavation of the Han Yan Ling Museum in China, tea leaves were found dating back over 2,100 years which catered for the drinking habits of the Western Han Dynasty.

It was previously thought tea had been discovered several hundred years after these dates.