Tony Fisher has regained his record title for the largest Rubik’s Cube, his latest Rubik’s cube measures an impressive 2.022 m (6 ft 7 in) on each side.

The cube took around 330 hours to build and all layers move exactly like a regular sized Rubik’s cube but obviously due to its size, to move a vertical side you have to flip the whole cube over. 

Having received his first Rubik’s Cube in 1980, at the age of 14, Tony quickly became obsessed with it and began collecting and solving similar puzzles.

It was in 2010 he decided to make puzzle making his full-time job and he now runs a successful puzzle making business, creating all kinds of twisty and interesting puzzles. 


Tony first achieved the record title of the largest Rubik’s Cube in 2016, creating a model measuring 1.57 m (5 ft 1.8 in) on each side.

In 2018, Tony’s record was broken by a science museum in Canada; TELUS Spark.


They created a cube measuring 1.68 m (5 ft 6 in) on each side to celebrate Rubik’s Cubes within their local community and invited visitors to solve the puzzle themselves. 

Tony was disappointed to find out his record had been broken but was flattered his original achievement had encouraged others to be creative and take on the challenge of building something of that size! 

With an estimated cost of £2,000 for the project, Tony’s pleased to have regained his record title.