Spending time indoors doesn’t mean you have to be bored. In fact, with the extra time, you can aspire to do great things, including becoming a Guinness World Records titles holder!

With the ongoing changes around the globe, we want everyone to be inspired, have fun, and reach their fullest potential.

That’s why we’re offering online users the opportunity to become record holders right from their very own homes!

We’re pleased to bring you the #GWRChallenge, a weekly record challenge we will be hosting across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. This fun challenge will lead to a new title holder every week.

Participants can try their hand at the challenges that switch week to week, and all they have to do is follow a simple set of rules for each record!

The guidelines will be posted here, as well as our social channels, as they change each week, as a reference for anyone who needs them.

And the best part? All attempts utilize household materials, making this an exciting and accessible record-breaking experience for anyone who wants to try!

There are a few things you can do to ensure your attempt gets recognized and help us verify your record!

1. One-take videos, no edits or cuts please!
2. Be sure to follow ALL rules
3. Tag our account and use our hashtag
4. Call out the number or score you’ve achieved in your caption

Every Friday, the #GWRChallenge will conclude and we will announce the record holder at the end of the week.

On Fridays, we will then declare the newest #GWRChallenge for you to try at home!

We’re excited to see your best submissions and can’t wait to see who will become Officially Amazing™!

Challenge 7 - Most leapfrog jumps in 30 seconds by a team of two (online)

Our seventh #GWRchallenge will test your teamwork and athleticism.

Please share your video before 10am GMT on Thursday 21 May.

The guidelines are as follows:

1. For this record, you will need another member of your household!
2. In case you're unfamiliar with leapfrog: for the purpose of this record, leapfrog is a game in which players take turns in vaulting with parted legs over another player who is bending down.
3. The team must take their positions for leaping: the person who will be the second in turn to jump must bend over and the person who will be the first to jump must stand behind their partner.
4. The person leaping must have both feet leaving the ground simultaneously. They must place both hands on the back of their partner at the same time. The legs must be astride and the frog must not put their hands or knees on the ground.
5. The two participants must alternate being the frog.
6. You can jump over the length of the back of your partner and over their head, or you can jump over them from a sideways direction. The choice is yours!
7. If any jumps are not technically correct (i.e. if either participant falls, touches their hands or knees on the ground), they will be deducted from the total.

Challenge 6 - Fastest time to put on 10 t-shirts (online)

Our sixth #GWRchallenge will test your speed and focus.

This challenge is now closed.

The guidelines are as follows:

1. For this record you will need 10 t-shirts. Button-up shirts and V-necks are not permitted.
2. The t-shirts can be short or long sleeved, or a combination of both.
3. The t-shirts cannot be cut or modified in any way.
4. You must not be touching the t-shirts before the start signal.
5. If a t-shirt rips during the attempt, that t-shirt will be discounted from the final total.
6. T-shirts must be put on one after the other, on top of each other. Putting on more than one t-shirt at once is not allowed.
7. All t-shirts must be pulled to below the waist to count towards the final total.

Challenge 5 - Fastest time to flip and catch a full suit of playing cards (online)

Our fifth #GWRchallenge will test your hand-eye coordination.

This challenge is now closed.

The guidelines are as follows:

1. For this record you will need a full suit of playing cards, so 13 cards in total. You can use any suit.
2. The cards must be laid on and positioned over the edge of a single flat surface, side by side.
3. The cards must be at least one cards-width apart. If we think they're too close, your attempt will not count!
4. Make sure the cards are not bent out of shape.
5. You can only use one hand for this attempt, so choose wisely!
6. The card must flip 180 degrees and not touch the surface before being caught.

Challenge 4 - Most side to side hops in 30 seconds (online)

Our fourth #GWRchallenge will test your balance and athletic ability.

This challenge is now closed.

The guidelines are as follows:

1. For this record you will need a clear space with enough room to do some hopping on one leg.
2. The floor and footwear used must not contain any springs.
3. Put an object on the ground for you to hop over. You'll have to hop either side of the object so choose wisely.
4. Make sure the non-hopping foot doesn't touch the ground and your hopping foot doesn't touch the object during the 30 seconds or you'll be disqualified.
5. No switching between feet either, please!

Challenge 3 - Fastest time to put on 10 socks (online)

Our third #GWRchallenge uses something we all have at home - socks!

This challenge is now closed.

The guidelines are as follows:

1. For this record you will need 10 individual socks, or 5 pairs. No tights or stockings allowed!
2. The socks used must reach above the ankle. Funky patterns are optional.
3. Five socks must be put on each foot but only one sock can be put on at a time.
4. Remember to pull up each sock properly!

Challenge 2 - Fastest time to make a 10 can pyramid (online)

This challenge is now closed.

The guidelines are as follows:

1. For this record you'll need 10 food cans.
2. The pyramid must be made of a 4 can base, topped with layers of 3, 2, then finally 1 can.
3. Only one hand is allowed to be used for this attempt. Choose wisely!
4. When you're ready start stacking your cans into a pyramid on a hard surface. Think tables, kitchen counters, or the floor!
5. Remember: the cans cannot be slid across the surface. They must be placed in position.
6. Once you have stacked your pyramid, enjoy a nice hot bowl of soup!

Challenge 1 - most football (soccer) touches in 30 seconds with a toilet roll (online)

This challenge is now closed.

The guidelines are as follows:

1. Any brand-new fully unraveled unused toilet roll can be used.
2. Make sure you’re standing for the attempt and after a 3,2,1 countdown start kicking the toilet roll on the feet or bouncing on your head. You can then use any part of your body to juggle the toilet roll except your arms and hands.
3. Make sure the toilet roll remains in the air between touches and if it hits the floor, a wall, a chair or anything else during the attempt the attempt ends.
4. Please use the toilet roll after the attempt and don’t let it go to waste (they're a precious commodity!)
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