Angel Zayas with tortillas and then stacking them

Angel Zayas brought tortillas to new heights to break the record for the tallest stack of tortillas.

The 24-year-old Drag Queen, Entertainer, and Creator for Buzzfeed’s PeroLike’s three-hour attempt resulted in a tower of tortillas measuring 79.0 cm (32.10 in), breaking the previous record for 76.5cm. 

Angel zayas posing playfully with tortillas

“I was inspired by this title because I didn’t think a record like this existed and I thought...How hard could this be? And it ended up being A LOT harder than it seemed. I don’t know who thought of this title but it’s iconic and amazing!” 

After telling a few of his friends about the attempt, they were also shocked that such a record existed but was excited for him to try and make history.

To prepare, he tested various tortillas to see which types stacked the best and easiest to not only get the record but also avoid food wastage. From small to large, corn, or flour-based tortillas, Angel tried them all. 

Throughout his testing, he built mini stacks to understand the timing of when the tortilla towers would start to sway and become unbalanced.

On attempt day, he was not only focused on the attempt but also ensured that the tortillas were handled hygienically for consumption afterward. He planned to wear gloves and store and cook the tortillas safely pre-, during, and post-attempt.

Angel zayas stacking tortillas carefully

As soon as the virtual attempt started and Official adjudicator, Brittany Dunn came onto the screen, Angel was up against the clock to make sure his tower stayed up, nothing was wasted, and there was enough time to film his first and only attempt in-studio.

While assembling the tower, his first thought was, “this is a lot of carbs” and noticed he was starting to feel very hungry. 

After several hours with the Pero Like production team cheering him on, hundreds of carefully stacked tortillas, a slight lean of the tower, an in-studio measurement, and virtual verification, Brittany welcomed Angel and his impressive tower into the Guinness World Records family.

Up next on his record-breaking roster, he has his eye on titles related to makeup, drag, dance, or videogames.

I remember my mom getting me the book growing up and I’d just flip through the pages. I loved reading growing up, so I found myself reading the pages over and over. It feels so amazing and like I accomplished a childhood dream of mine. I am over the moon thinking about it. 

Now that he’s made history, he plans to safely make many quesadillas and tacos for his friends and family!