split image of kevin fast pulling sleigh and sitting in it with his family

Kevin Fast (Canada) loves two things, dressing up as Santa Claus and setting new Guinness World Records titles. 

As a full-time Lutheran Minister in Cobourg Ontario, Fast celebrated Christmas a little early this year when he set his 32nd Guinness World Records title for heaviest sleigh pulled

Fast’s record-setting journey began on a whim back in 1998 when he decided to test his limits by attempting to pull a truck. 

kevin fast pulling sleigh dressed as santa

Now, 22 years later, his incredible feats continue to inspire those around him to look past any assumed limitations. 

Over the years Fast has achieved records for the heaviest aircraft pulled (male), most people supported on the shoulders, heaviest house pulled by a man and heaviest vehicle pulled with an arm wrestling move, just to name a few.

When asked why he decided to take on this challenge, Fast smiled ear to ear, stroked his long white beard and replied, "the holidays are upon us and I just love them. I want to do something fun, maybe other people can enjoy what I am up to."

 kevin pulling truck with sleigh

Spreading the feeling of joy to his community is something Fast and Santa have long had in common.

On the day of the attempt, wearing the picture-perfect Mrs. Claus outfit, wife Suzanne and sons Jacob and Matthew, dressed as elves, cheered on a Santa clad Fast as he pulled 16,500 kg (36,376.273 lbs.) of sleigh, reindeer and presents across the finish line.

kevin fast pulling the sleigh

"Getting a Guinness World Record[s title], I rate that as some of the top things in my life. I love training to try to get one and when that record comes, it is the greatest feeling that you’ve made an achievement and it’s world class!" said Fast after completing his attempt. 

Although he makes it look as effortless as delivering millions of presents around the world in one night, Fast’s accomplishments are anything but easy.

"My training is lifting weights, rocks and throwing logs. I pull pickup trucks up hills and that, I find, does the trick for me."

kevin fast in harness with his wife and sons

In addition to a dedicated training schedule, Fast shared that his wife has been the longtime driver and inspiration behind his strength. 

No matter how many record titles Fast adds to his long list, he still says the the moment they are declared feels like "a little child waking up on Christmas morning, opening a present and getting exactly what they wanted."

With everything that has taken place this year, Kevin is hopeful he can bring a message of resilience and encouragement to those who need it most this holiday season.

kevin fast holding 2021 book with family in the background in the sleigh