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Born in 2002, Yin Ruoning (China) just turned 18 this year, but already holds two Guinness World Records titles, the most consecutive wins on the China LPGA Tour and the most consecutive wins on the China LPGA Tour from professional debut.

yin ruoning with certifications

Yin began to learn how to play golf at the age of 10. 

By the age of 16, she represented the Chinese women's golf team in the 18th Asian Games in Jakarta. At last, she won the bronze medal of the women's golf team with 18 under par. 

In 2019, 17-year-old Yin had won nine titles, including seven amateur titles and two junior titles.

Yin’s remarkable golf endowment derives from her kindly father who has been playing golf for more than 20 years. 

yin ruoning playing golf

In 2013, at the age of 11, Yin was sent by her father to a golf training class organized by the Yunnan Provincial Golf Association. 

Less than a year later, Yin won a youth competition, which opened the door for her to pursue golf further. 

In January 2020, Yin participated in the qualification examination for the China female LGPA tour and became a member as the first champion. 

yin ruoning with trophy 

Yin played three games in China LGPA after turning professional and won three in-a-row, which not only helped her achieve two Guinness World Records titles, but meant she ranked in the world's top 300 for the first time.

Around the world, such records are few. The women's LPGA Tour has only one case, and it goes back 69 years. 

In 1951, Beverly Hanson became the first player to win the Eastern Open on her professional debut. There were two on the MEN's LPGA Tour. 

Marty Fleckman opened the scoring, followed by Ben Crenshaw, who turned professional after winning the NCAA tournament for the third year in a row in 1973 and won his first game that November. 

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Many Chinese athletes, including Shi Yuting and Du Mohan, had huge expectations when they turned  professional, but they all went through a long period of learning before finally achieving their breakthrough and winning the championship. 

Obviously, every player has grown up in a very different way and has followed a very different path, so it's hard to compare. 

But the fact that Yin was able to win in such a short period of time shows that she has great potential and learns quickly - and maybe has more record-breaking in her future!