Tones and I’s mega-dance hit "Dance Monkey" has broken the record for the most popular song on Shazam (identifications).

The second single from her debut EP, "Dance Monkey" has been identified 36.6 million times since its release in May 2019. 

The song topped the charts in over 30 countries and smashed multiple records on Australia's ARIA chart – Tones and I, real name Toni Watson, is from Mount Martha, Victoria.

Music-identification app Shazam is owned by Apple and can identify films, music and television shows by hearing short samples of sound through a user’s microphone.

It has been installed over one billion times and is also integrated onto Snapchat.

Previous to "Dance Monkey", Swedish DJ Avicii held this record for his song "Wake Me Up" that was released in 2013.

However, it’s the sensational rise of Tones and I, who has still yet to release a debut album, that makes this record so special.

Prior to the success of "Dance Monkey", she was relatively unknown and had spent years busking on the streets of the Gold Coast in Australia.

The video above shows her busking in Byron Bay, a popular tourist destination, with a piano loop pedal just one month before she was signed to a label in February 2019.

By the end of the year, she had performed the song on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and made a guest appearance on The Voice.

The official music video has over one billion views on YouTube and was one of the most watched videos of 2019.