cast of Coronation Street with Guinness World Records certificates and the Kabin

Coronation Street, a popular UK soap opera, heads towards its 60 year anniversary on December 9th 2020, strengthening its position as the longest-running TV soap opera.

The soap first aired in 1960 and was originally only meant to last 13 weeks. The show was devised by Tony Warren and produced by Granada Television and later ITV.

GWR Sally Dynever outside the kabin

Coronation Street was first awarded this record during its 50th year in 2010 after the US soap opera As the World Turns (CBS, 1956-2010) was cancelled. 

Now, 10 years later, current cast members Sally Dynevor and Joe Duttine accepted the show's updated certificate on behalf of all the cast and crew, past and present.

The cast of Coronation Street pose with their Guinness World Records certificate for the longest running TV soap opera

 "When Coronation Street, Tony Warren’s groundbreaking, visionary project, launched in 1960, a columnist in a national newspaper predicted it wouldn’t last more than three weeks. Sixty years later, I can safely say the many hundreds of people that have worked tirelessly and dedicatedly on the show have proved that prediction staggeringly wrong" - Iain MacLeod, Coronation Street Series Producer

In addition to this, actor William Roache has starred in the soap since the first episode, making him the longest-serving TV soap star with his portrayal of Ken Barlow and had a starring role in the soap's 10,000th episode earlier this year.

 Sally Dynevor and Joe Duttine pose on Coronation Street with a Guinness World Record certificate and 2021 book

Roache was presented with his Guinness World Records certificate during a filming break in which he said “I would like to thank Guinness World Records for this new award. I have been very fortunate to have been in this wonderful programme, Coronation Street,  which has carried me into this world record and a lifetime of wonderful memories".

 When handing over both certificates, Guinness World Records' Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday sent his wishes and congratulated the show on their 60th anniversary.

“On behalf of myself and all the team here in London we send you our congratulations on sixty incredibly entertaining years, at sixty years young you are Officially Amazing™!”.

You can see Coronation Street's record in Guinness World Records 2021, which is available to buy now