The largest drawing by an individual is 568.47 m² (6118.96 ft²) and was achieved by FRA! and Xiaomi Italia in San Francesco Square, Altomonte, Italy, on 03 November 2020.


"FRA!" (aka Francesco Caporale, Italy) is an illustrator, graphic designer and art director based in Milan, Italy. 

Born and raised in Altomonte, FRA! was able to create the largest drawing by an individual in 5 days.


He was inspired by images, photos, and drawings, which users uploaded to - a special platform created by Xiaomi Italia. 

The artist then reworked the selected contributions by incorporating them into his final work.


"The dream is the perfect ingredient on which art is based. Dreamlike visions out of time and space that allow themselves to be freely interpreted by our unconscious and our sensitivity. Here's what doodle art is for me: improvisation and freedom. And with Doodle Dream we have underlined a further fundamental value for contemporary society: that of the community " - Illustrator "FRA!" (aka Francesco Caporale)


The record-breaking canvas was created in the central square of Altomonte, where 567 square meters were filled with images of typical objects, textures, imaginary characters - all created with a simple black marker with a 2.5 cm stroke.

The artwork isn’t a permanent installation and will be removed right after the certificate presentation has taken place.


After the award ceremony, the artwork will be donated to the municipality of Altomonte, who will sell parts of the canvas to raise money towards supporting the community.

To immortalize this event, Xiaomi Italia are releasing a new smartphone series, the Xiaomi Mi 10T, that have the power to transform simple photos into works of art.


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