Ahead of Guinness World Records Day 2020 this November 18, we’re discovering the world of extraordinary record holders each week to build up the excitement for our global celebration of record breaking. This week, check out world-famous Longhorn bull Cowboy Tuff Chex.  

Cowboy Tuff Chex has just accomplished the record-breaking title for the longest horn spread on a bull living with his mighty big spread – and is setting a standard for many cattle breeding enthusiasts.  

With his longhorns measuring in 262.5 cm (8.6 feet in length), Cowboy Tuff Chex now has an estimated value of $500,000. 


Chex was originally bred and raised in Overbrook, Oklahoma, USA by Bob Loomis, and was later bought by Richard and Jeanne Filip from Fayetteville, Texas, USA in 2017.  

After acquiring the soon-to-be famous bull from an auction at Hudson Valentine Longhorn Auctions in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, ranchers Richard and Jeanne Filip had to purchase the widest legal cattle trailer to ensure a secure and protected transportation of their prized animal. 

In addition to drawing countless press and media attention, Cowboy Tuff Chex is very well-known among the Longhorn community with a stampede of worldwide requests for his valued progeny.


For Richard and Jeanne Filip of Bentwood Ranch, the purchase of their newly owned bull proved nothing but a success.  

Many come to see the infamous Cowboy Tuff Chex on the Filip’s ranch, raising a demand in ranch tours requests to see the famed bull with the Guinness World Record title-holding longhorns. 

Texas Longhorn breeding is a sport for cattle enthusiasts in America, garnering interests from hobby cattle farmers to high-end commercial breeders.  

The value of a Texas Longhorn is determined by their horn length which is measured in three ways: tip to tip measurement, total horn, and the composite of their horns.  


An average Longhorn’s horn is measured to be around four feet, but Cowboy Tuff Chex’s longhorns measure at eight feet (262.5 cm), a comparison that is impeccable! 

Today, Cowboy Tuff Chex resides on the Filip’s ranch in Fayetteville, Texas relaxing in nearby ponds and spending his days in lush green pastures. 

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