In an exciting turn of events, Colombian record holder Edward Niño, who holds the record for the shortest man living got the surprise of a lifetime after getting to meet one of his favourite music icons – Ozuna. 
Guinness World Records, in collaboration with Ozuna (Puerto Rico), decided to organize a wonderful virtual meeting to surprise Edward and mark a unique and memorable moment in his life. 

It is the first time in history that a global artist has had the opportunity to meet the shortest man living and vice versa.
From his studio in Puerto Rico, Ozuna surprised Edward with the news that both were placed in the pages of the new edition of Guinness World Records 2021 edition
This achievement marks the second consecutive year for the Puerto Rican artist to be featured in the book. 
The resulting call between Edward and Ozuna was packed with enthusiasm when the two Latin American figures met, as they each shared stories, their passion for music, and their mutual excitement for appearing in the record books this year.
Meeting a world-class Latin artist like Ozuna was on Edward’s bucket list, which is why Guinness World Records and the award-winning singer decided it would be an amazing moment to fulfill his dream.
Edward Niño became an official Guinness World Records record holder on 29 February 2020 with a certified height of 2 ft 4.38 inches (72.10 cm).
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He most known for being a very happy person, having great charisma, and considers his smile to be one his most outstanding attributes. 
Dancing is one of Edward’s passions, and that is why he became a professional dancer. One of his favourite musical genres to dance to is reggaeton, and Ozuna is at the top of his list of "top" urban artists.
On the other hand, Latin music star Ozuna has been an official Guinness World Records title holder since 2018 after being named the most-watched artist on YouTube worldwide. He also holds four records for his musical success in 2019:
  • Most weeks at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Latin Albums chart (male) – for Odisea, which logged 46 non-consecutive weeks 
  • Artist with the most videos to reach one billion views on YouTube
  • Most Billboard Latin Music Award nominations for a single artist in a single year – with 23 nominations
  • Most Billboard Latin Music Award wins for a single artist in a single year – with 11 awards
  • Ozuna-with-gwr-book
Despite difficult times, two unique title holders were able to celebrate their global achievements thanks to virtual communication. 
You can find more incredible record holders like Ozuna and Edward in the Guinness World Records 2021 edition, out now!