Andy Holt (USA) set out to create a unique cosplay costume that would capture the attention of convention-goers and superhero fans. While he created an engaging costume, he also made history by creating the largest mechanical wings on a cosplay suit.

His Hawkman suit featuring record-breaking wings is engaging fans and readers globally with his placement on the pages of Guinness World Records 2021.


The suit design started with his fascination of Hawkman, the DC Comics superhero created by Gardner Fox and Dennis Neville. 

Known for his helmet, mace, wings, and reincarnations, Andy worked to create a version that was easily transportable to and from conventions. He also credits close friend and Hawkgirl cosplay partner, Julia Jenkins for her help in fabricating the feathers and the Skree hawk.


To help with transport, California-based Andy kept his SUV measurements in mind when designing the wings and uses an exclusive stand that helps with assembly.

Fast forward to a few years later and Andy’s fourth version of the suit featured a detailed helmet and mace, interactive sidekick, Skree the Hawk, and record-breaking wings that measured at 5.84 m (19 ft 2 in), earning him the title for the largest mechanical wings on a cosplay suit.

“This world record title set of wings was my fourth iteration. By then, I had enough experience to understand the trade-offs between weight, functionality, ergonomics, aesthetics. I actually don’t think it was that incredibly hard for me to build the wings themselves.” - Andy Holt 

"It was more challenging to figure out how they disassemble for transport and how to allow them to be put together and mounted on my back," Andy continued.  

Once the suit is on, Andy explained it certainly pushes him to use his strength.

"Wearing the wings definitely makes me feel powerful. But the immense size of these wings forced me to take a strong stance and tense my core just so I wouldn’t fall over from the size and weight."


He also wears the suit to help support non-profit events through his membership in the Sci Fi Coalition and Kids Can Cosplay organizations.

Though he sadly hasn’t been able to go to conventions and interact with other cosplayers due to the pandemic, he’s found more time to update his suit. In fact, he’s already on wingsuit set number six.

We can’t wait to see what Andy creates next! 

See Andy's incredible Hawkman suit in Guinness World Records 2021, available now.