From sports and fitness records to opening beer bottles with a chainsaw, there’s a little something for everyone in our Best of January YouTube round up.

Take a closer look at the 16 amazing records that appear in the video and find out more about the people behind the records that were broken all around the world. 


1. Most Rubik’s cubes solved while hula hooping

Tharun R.S (India) managed to solve 80 Rubik's cubes whilst hula hooping in Chennai, India. Tharun hula hooped for 1 hour 30 mins and 38 secs to achieve this record title.


2. Largest coffee painting

The largest coffee painting measures 158.37 m² (1704 ft² 97 in²) and was achieved by Alex Dzaghigian (Cyprus) in association with 300 Spartans+ Superjump, in Sparta, Greece.

Expired coffee granules and water were used to form the artwork.

Alex also used to hold the record for the largest drawing by an individual until October 2019. Since then it’s been broken three times.


3. Most elevated tiger-bend push-ups in one minute

This record was broken by fitness enthusiast Manvel Mamoyan (Russian Federation), who managed 13 push-ups in one minute.


4. Longest continuous vocal note (male)

The longest continuous vocal note is 2 min 1.07 sec and was achieved by Richard Fink IV (USA) in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Richard had held the record previously and trained hard to regain the title!

“I have been anxiously planning to regain this record, which I held from 2009-2016, since it was beaten by 9 seconds in January of 2016," Richard said before his attempt.


5. Most layered 1 inch bed of nails sandwich

This eye-watering attempt for the most layered 1 inch bed of nails sandwich saw Vispy Kharadi, Mehul Vora, Jecky Patel, Bhavesh Panwala, Khushru Kadwa, Jamshid Bhathena, Manan Patel, Abubakar Kadodia, Daraius Cooper, Rameez Virani (all India) turn themselves into a human bed of nails sandwich with nine layers!

This is the fourth time that a group led by pro stuntman Vispy Kharadi has broken the record after starting out with five layers back in 2011.


6. Most dogs in a conga line

This show-stopping record was achieved by Alexa Lauenburger and eight of her hounds. The first dog in the line (Sally), leaning on Alexa, had to cover a minimum distance of 5 m (16 ft 5 in) in conga formation, while the others had to maintain paw-to-back contact with the dog in front for the duration.

Alexa, who won Das Supertalent (Germany’s equivalent of Got Talent) in 2017 and received a “golden buzzer” from Ant & Dec on Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions in 2019, holds two other records for fastest time to jump five hurdles on hind legs by a dog (5.66 sec) and fastest 5 m backwards walk by a dog (6.73 sec). Her father, Wolfgang, also holds two records; fastest 10 m on hind legs by a dog (3.05 sec) and most spins by a dog in 30 seconds (43).


7. Longest Hot Wheels track

This epic Hot Wheels track measures 663.298 m (2,176 ft 2 in) and was achieved by Alfred Benesch & Company (USA) in Foster Township, Pennsylvania, USA.

The attempt was planned to offer a STEM learning opportunity for children of Benesch employees.


8. Longest hair on a teenager

Nilanshi Patel, who unsurprisingly has earned the nickname of real-life Rapunzel from her friends, has been growing her hair since she was six years old, following a bad experience at the hairdressers.

Her long brown locks measure 170.5 cm (5 ft 7 in).


9. Most beer bottles opened by chainsaw in one minute

This record was achieved by Janne Mustonen (Finland) in Lahti, Finland. Janne beat the previous record of 24, which had stood since May 2016.


10. Oldest male scuba diver

Wallace Raymond Woolley (b. 28 August 1923, UK) achieved this record after completing a dive at Zenobia shipwreck, Larnaca Bay, Cyprus, on 31 August 2019, at the age of 96 years and 3 days.

However, Wallace is no stranger to this record – he’s actually achieved it three times.


11. Highest vertical drop on a bicycle onto a target

The highest vertical drop on a bicycle onto a target, 3.60 m (11 ft 9 in), was achieved by Alessandro Allegretti (Italy) in Carpegna, Italy.

Alessandro has always dreamed of one day breaking a record and now his dream has come true!


12. Most drumbeats using drumsticks in three minutes

Young Devaagyh Dixit (India) showed some serious dedication to break the record for this record, achieving an amazing 5,570 drumbeats in three minutes.


13. Most consecutive touches with two footballs (soccer balls)

Norman Habri (France) is the only person to have held this record, and by achieving 60 touches has broken his own record for the fourth time.

Norman also holds the record for most consecutive touches with two footballs (soccer balls) on one foot (22).


14. Most consecutive "around the world" ball control tricks (male)

Alessandro Cadei (Italy), achieved this record with 112 tricks in Sarnico, Bergamo, Italy. He broke his own record that he set in September 2018 with 86 tricks.


15. Largest hot air balloon glow show

A line of 100 hot air balloons spanning over three kilometres broke the record for the largest hot air balloon glow show after performing a mesmerising display of choreographed dancing lights.

Consisting of certified balloonists from 19 countries, the attempt took place during the ongoing Winter at Tantora music and culture festival.


16. Largest sticker sentence

This record was achieved by Sunac Service Group Limited (China) in Tianjin, China, to celebrate their 70th anniversary. The sentence consisted of 6,808 stickers and measured 16.88 m (55 ft 5 in) long and 1.8 m (5 ft 11 in) wide.