A total of 16 Guinness World Records titles are being attempted at this year’s BMW Berlin Marathon on 29 September, making it our most popular year to date.

Four amateur runners broke records last year, alongside Eliud Kipchoge who made history by setting a new fastest ever marathon time of 2 hours 1 minute 39 seconds.

This year's crop of hopeful record holders will be travelling to the German capital from around the world, and includes runners from the UK, USA, Finland, South Africa, and Australia.

For some of the runners, this year won’t be their first time at the Berlin marathon. In fact, super-skater Jochen Glasbrenner (Germany) was one of the participants that broke a record last year, for the fastest inline skating marathon dressed as a superhero (male).

But Jochen has decided 2019 will be another record-breaking year, this time attempting the fastest inline skating marathon dressed as Elvis (male). If that wasn’t hard enough, he is also attempting the fastest marathon wearing lederhosen (male) at the running marathon the following day! However, he won’t be attempting that record alone, with Kirk Millikan (USA) also vying for the record title.

Jochen Glasbrenner in his Elvis costume

Another contender, Fiona Oakes (UK), is also no stranger to marathons or record-breaking. Fiona is a hardened marathon runner and holds the female records for the fastest aggregate time to complete a marathon on each continent and the North Pole, the fastest aggregate time to complete a marathon on each continent, and the fastest Antarctic Ice Marathon.

Fiona in Antarctica

Fiona also holds the record for the fastest half marathon in an animal costume (female), which she completed in a cow costume that she will be donning for her full marathon attempt in Berlin.

Fiona runs to raise money for the animal sanctuary she founded in 1993, the Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary. In Fiona’s own words: "I am doing this to help raise funds and the profile of Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary and to promote the vegan cause - I have been vegan for 45 years."

Fiona during her record-breaking half marathon

Another potential record-holder is Jordan Brickman (USA), who's running in Berlin for the first time – while attempting the record for the fastest marathon dribbling two basketballs. Jordan attempted this title at the Blackmores Sydney Marathon in 2017 but didn’t manage to beat the current record.

“Hopefully, better training and a flatter course will help me out," Jordan said of his upcoming record attempt.

Jordan attempting the record in Sydney in 2017

The full list of records being attempted are:

Berlin Marathon 2019

  • Fastest marathon dressed as a rocket (male) - Mark Kugel (Germany)
  • Fastest marathon dressed as a supervillain (male) - Ben Armstrong (Australia)
  • Fastest marathon dribbling two basketballs - Jordan Brickman (USA)
  • Fastest marathon wearing lederhosen - Jochen Glasbrenner (Germany)
  • Fastest marathon wearing lederhosen - Kirk Millikan (USA)
  • Fastest marathon dressed as a caveperson (male) - Philip Howard (UK)
  • Fastest marathon in a martial arts suit (male) - Mathieu Papdo (Germany)
  • Most T-shirts worn during a marathon - Daniel Trienens (Germany)
  • Fastest marathon dressed as a supervillain (male) - Kevin Shao (UK)
  • Fastest marathon in an animal costume (female) - Fiona Oakes (UK)
  • Fastest marathon dressed as a mythical creature (male) - Peter Van Maele (Belgium)
  • Fastest marathon in a toga (male) - Valtteri Arstila (Finland)
  • Fastest marathon dressed as a vampire (female) - Charlie Fitton (UK)
  • Fastest marathon dressed as a leprechaun (male) - Kamil Suleiman (South Africa)

Berlin Inline Skating Marathon 2019

  • Fastest inline skating marathon dressed as Elvis - Jochen Glasbrenner (Germany)
  • Fastest marathon backwards on inline skates - Tõnis Paalme (Estonia)